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  1. I have sailed with P&O twice before and have never had any complaints. My last 3 have been with Celebrity but hoping to get on Britannia later this year. Glad you enjoyed your cruise Ron
  2. Cheers for the email this morning Bolsover. You certainly had me for a minute !! Great to see you guys have a sense of humour as you always seem so professional over the phone. X
  3. My parents say it was mainly the TV and the fact they would then talk over the top of it - maybe the neighbours were hard of hearing - probably not much you can do if that's the case.
  4. I have cruised a fair amount with different cruise lines and never had any issues with ongoing noise. I know on some ships the walls are paper thin which means you hear the occasional bang here and there.
  5. My parents recently returned from a 2 week cruise. They came back slightly annoyed because their neighbours were always noisy. They did report it to reception but said it didn't help. They didn't want to confront them personally as it would have made it awkward for the remainder of their cruise. Has anyone here ever been in this situation? How did you dealt with it?
  6. I was informed that the photo is removed from the paper and it is used again.
  7. My other half will occasionally use an e-cig when we are staying in hotels etc and it has never set off the smoke alarm. People talk about it being more like steam than smoke.
  8. Most have an odourless vapour... so not sure how Celebrity could charge you a cleaning fee of $250 !!
  9. Well a quick search online clears that up... P&O Cruises - E-cig smoking in cabin or balcony is allowed (below is from their website) Electronic cigarettes, including those which do not emit smoke, are not permitted in public areas but can be used in cabins, balconies and designated areas of the open deck. Although we recognise that electronic cigarettes are not covered by the UK legislation we have taken the decision to prohibit their use in all public areas in the same way as real cigarettes for the benefit of all of our passengers. Celebrity Cruises - No e-cig smoking in
  10. Ok cheers Pesky Pirate. Seems strange that they allow e-cigs inside but not on the balcony. I'll have a look around see what I can find out. Can't do much really - we either comply with the cruise line's rules or look elsewhere.
  11. Thanks for your replies. Shame about the smoking as we'd often sit out on the balcony in the evenings. What about the e-cigarettes, do you know if these are allowed on balconies? Thanks X
  12. Hello everybody It's been a while since I popped in here. I've done a fair few cruises and my last was with Celebrity in 2012. My partner and I are looking to cruise later this year. So my question is - what, if anything, has changed since 2012? My partner is a smoker and was recently told that it is now banned on all balconies and most of the ship. Also heard all cruise lines now offer free drinks.. being Scottish we do love a drink or two!! Great to see the forum doing well. X
  13. I don't mind either way, it's a great forum how ever bolsover decide to run it. X
  14. Good to be back :) X

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