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  1. I am beginning to get the hang of it...particularly as I am elderly and have to haul my wifes stuff as well as my own. While I cannot control what she takes, I have reduced my packing to about14kg even with a couple of books. Even so, you are likely to pack far more that you will ever need. Unless you fall in a ditch, you can wear the same clothes more than once..(or even thrice), and a bit of washing daily dries in the shower recess over night...so be frugal!
  2. My memory of the location of the "Ballroom" may be faulty...but I stand by the rest of my observations.
  3. QM2 is a small cruise ship, with many formal nights. It has the best library of any cruise ship I have used. The sick bay chief Dr was from the Armed Forces...and you pay over $100 per visit. The "Ballroom" is a small arena up forward with a small rather worn timber dance floor. Bar prices are high. Speciality dining is limited because even tho you see 5 or 6 special dining rooms listed, 3 are reserved for suite passengers and the like. The food on my Japan-Korea cruise was good English Restaurant standard from the 1950s. The raw material was good, but the execution was bad boardinghouse stand
  4. I prefer "smart casual" dining..but I take a jacket and tie...thats quite formal enough for me.
  5. Venice by vaporetto is cheap and convenient,,even to Murano and Lido. But the beaches are sandy mud.
  6. CA Wade

    Currency help

    I usually take a few US$, some Euros, and just buy $50 worth of local currency on the ship, as required. Shops usually take credit card.
  7. Probably my last trip to Europe, so a look at St P is a fond hope. Wd hv liked to do Rotterdam to the Iron Gates by river...but an end must come. Hope Mr P and DT can settle down and get off the Testosterone tablets soon...
  8. All cruise ships these days have stabilisers, which smooth the ride even in quite heavy weather. For comfort and convenience, we usually book midships, not too far from the elevators/lifts, and carefully inspect the deck plans to ensure we are non near a nightclub or gym..beside, above, or beneath us. The engines can make a rear cabin noisy and vibration prone, and a bow cabin can move more than midships. And tho not prestigious, a cabin on deck 3 or 4 seems to avoid noise and minimise movement.
  9. Just be sure you can get your money back if health or other problems intervene.
  10. And beware...there are cold and 'flu carriers on that trip from places your immune system has never even heard of. We enjoyed the trip, it was cool with mostly good weather, but the last few days with bad colds rather spoiled it....added to the misery was a 14 hour wait at HK airport...where the Airport hotel refused accommodation. So if you need to use that Hotel, book early.
  11. We usualy drink a glass of wine with lunch, a couple of glasses 5-ish, and a bottle with dinner. As far as my calculations go, the drinks packages at $60 or $80 per head per day just are not worth it. On some lines, there is a bottle per day sort of package that seems to be only mentioned once on board...which has been good value for us. bar drinks extra. Cappuccino Coffee is an extra. Ship coffee is usually foul....even when they assure you they are using Nescafe in their machines..!
  12. Has anyone done the Cunard cruise up the Norwegian coast? Doing that in July...good weather would be a blessing.
  13. May is our final payment deadline....love to know whether to go ahead...or what alternative destination is offered. St P is the real reason for the cruise, however.
  14. I would like to know if cruises are still going to St Petersburg, and whether there is any harassment by the Russian Authorities at present..?
  15. I am Hank Wade from Mapleton..a tiny town in the Blackall Ranges overlooking the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. I would like to know if the Cruises are still going to St Petersburg, Russia..and if so..Is there any harassment by the Russian Authorities..?
  16. Probably owned by an American company. Wikipedia tells all. My one and only P&O trip to Noumea was on a rust-bucket with bad boarding house food. Never again, P&O..you must be sub-budget class.
  17. The "compulsory" or "Suggested" tips anger me no end. Pay your crew appropriately. Do not do this Americanism of "Compulsory tips" . it is as stupid as a fee for "compulsory fuel" or "compulsory linen laundry". You buy the cruise and all the bits and pieces should be part of the fare. If you think someone did a good job, it should be up to you to give them a few dollars in recognition. As it is...every one gets a share of your "compulsory gratuity" and you still get slugged 15 to 18% on any bar tab.....with a nice space for you to add more if you want. This is ridiculou
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