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  1. Yes you do get tea/coffee making facility in cabin on Celebrity Eclipse.
  2. Agree with comments made about Arcadia. We have done two cruises on Arcadia and on both we sailed at ridiculously slow speeds (9Knots) and missed a destination out. Would have loved to have stayed over night in Kirkwall on Orkney. Instead it took two days to get back to Southampton and we were over taken by other cruise ships from the Carnival group. All saying this we will not be cruising with Princess after viewing 'The Cruise Ship' on TV!!!!!!!
  3. You must be the only person not to be happy with Bolsover Cruise Club and how they deal with clients. We could no be happier and tell all our friends so. There is not a problem or they cannot solve in one way or another. Besides they only deal with cruises not package holidays and the know their business. GOOD LUCK WITH THE DODGY INTERNET
  4. We had a balcony on Arcadia and could rarely use it as the people underneath us smoked and the smoke drifted up to us! The dream of an evening drink on the balcony ruined. A room dedicated o smokers would be lovely if only they kept the door closed at all times. We paid a lot of money for our balcony and would bet diamonds the occupants of the cabin under us got the cruise very cheap. Roll on the day of NO SMOKING on balconies.
  5. We went on our first adult only cruise on Arcadia and unfortunately have another booked on board her. We would prefer to go on family orientated ships because of the amount of wheel chairs there were on board. It would be better to be bumped into by a child and not a wheel chair as my husband was. The occupants were neither apologetic or bothered. We have another cruise booked unfortunately on Arcadia but after that we will be going on family ships. We can travel anytime so in term time will be good.
  6. We have been on Arcadia which is Adult only but there are a lot of wheelchairs both being motorised and manual. We have another cruise booked on Arcadia but may well go back to family orientated cruising! We may well get bumped into by a child but this preferable to being rammed or run over by one of those wheel chairs. Also because we can go anytime we like we still can avoid too many children.
  7. Try p &o, they have fully functional casinos on board including Blackjack, Roulette and all the slot machines.
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    We have just arrived back home after our cruise and having booked a balcony cabin so we could sit out in the evening and enjoy the warm and have a quiet drink. We could not do this due to a passenger nearby smoking on their balcony. We think the decision taken by p & o is totally he correct one!!! We look forward to our next smoke free balcony.
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    Coach Travel

    Eavesway coach travel finish end of the year and Intercruise travel take over!
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