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  1. Hi samfox01, you may like to know that the new cruise tv show 'Cruising with Jane McDonald' on Channel 5 will follow Jane on board a river cruise on the Danube. May be worth giving the show a watch to see what the Danube has to offer and give you a better feel of what river cruising life may be like.
  2. Thanks sammy sun, I plan to look into these cruises further tonight and I shall more than likely give Bolsover a call to help go over all the details etc.
  3. CJJW, I also thought that Jane was on board the same for the whole series, it wasn't until I read about it further online that I realised she was on multiple ships. Great way for us to see more than just the one style of cruising on one ship that is usually shown on these cruise tv shows.
  4. I've heard a couple of great things about the new series of 'Cruising with Jane McDonald' and shall set a reminder to give this a watch on Friday. I will have to admit that I origianlly dismissed the show, but after speaking to a couple of people who have all said that it was a great watch and was great to see how Jane interacted with fellow cruisers i'll set a reminder to give this a watch on Friday.
  5. Like you marggieann I hope that one day cruise lines will start charging more fairly for solo cruisers, or one can at least hope! Thanks for all the advice regarding Fred Olsen, as I spotted a great email from Bolsover the other day which advertised a selection on Single Supplemet cruises. A couple of cruises caught my eye from a quick glance but I'll be sure to look at these again later this week.
  6. Hi CJW, thanks for your response. You've just answered one my questions about meet and greets on board Fred Olsen. One of my concerns about being a solo cruiser are those initial first few days on board, where you're yet to know anyone and just getting to grips with getting around, which can sometimes be a little daunting when you're on your own. I like to chat and get together with others but I know this isn't what everyone likes to do, some people prefer the to keep themselves to themselves so meet and greets would be a great way do just that.
  7. Thanks for the advice Furby, I had noticed that most of the last minute fares for singles were nearly double so I shall have to look into booking a cruise further ahead - luckily I'm quite flexible with dates. It's such a shame for me and other solo cruisers who have a diificult time in finding a decent cruise price but I suppose it's just something we've got to accept and be vigilant in keeping an eye out for any deals. I shall have a look into Fred Olsen and see what they have to offer as I hadn't really thought about them - does anybody know if Fred Olsen offer meet and greets for solo pass
  8. Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum and this topic has more than likely being covered before on here, so accept my apologies if so. I’ve been looking for a suitable cruise but the price for me to travel as a solo cruiser is extortionate and quite frustrating. Could anyone also give me any advice on which cruise lines are the best for solo cruisers in terms of deals or offers? Should I opt for a single cabin or should I be trying to find a cruise line with low supplement? I’ve done a little research and would prefer a small or mid-sized ship, sailing from the UK if possible, but if anyone
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