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  1. I did actually Tom, I told him he was wrong about the whole thing. I should have got my facts straight though before putting it on. Didn't realise it would upset people.
  2. Wow is that really how much they are? No wonder they can afford to create the first underwater bar!
  3. I would love this. Come on P&O catch up!
  4. I can't pretend to know much about Ponant Cruises but I spotted a story in the news about the first underwater bar on a ship so decided to have a look at it. They look lovely, has anyone cruised with them? Have you seen the design for their new bar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrrtltxvXU0
  5. Just logged back on to the forum having been away for a few days. I'm glad it's been clarified by admin. I apologise that the information I received from my friend was incorrect.
  6. I'm aware sinbad but what hasn't been around for 7 years is the need to fund the design and build of their new ship currently looking to take shape. Therefore the fact that Costa is on board, could be a factor in them removing tea/coffee making facilities to encourage passengers to use these services more, hence earning P&O more through guests spending more on board. That was the point I was making.
  7. It's one of the most frustrating things when on holiday and that applies to both land and sea. I can't see it changing until cruise lines enforce stricter policies as you say Mike. I know some cruise lines do have a 30-minute policy but is it really controlled that well and properly enforced?
  8. The more I think about this, the more I could see it happening. With Costa being on board now too, maybe they will try and make it more on a paid basis rather than having facilities in your cabin. What a shame that would be. Such a simple thing but it would upset a lot of people.
  9. That's exactly what I thought too but his friends were adamant that it was going to happen and that they'd heard from numerous people whilst on board.
  10. We are looking at booking another cruise on P&O following many enjoyable cruises with them over the years. We're very excited, as expected, apart from something a work friend has just told me. Basically, his friends have just returned from a P&O Cruise and they have said that P&O have plans to remove all tea and coffee making facilities from cabins. I understand that you can get a coffee from the bars and restaurants which are practically open all day, but I'd still be quite annoyed if this is true. Does anybody know if this is true or could he be mistaken?
  11. This is an interesting topic. I wasn't aware such opportunities existed to Jo Public. I'll consider this in the future, when looking at a new cruise line perhaps. It's not a huge amount of time to spend on board though from what I've read on here. From experience, does it feel a bit rushed? I can just imagine feeling like I was a bit pushed off, prioritised below full paying passengers.
  12. Never really questioned this before but I suppose the answers given all make sense. I've always found the pools on board to be adequate in size.
  13. I would do this. I know it's a long time to be in the air but if it means getting to such a destination as that faster then sign me up. I don't see the point in wasting time with a stop over if it's not needed. If you're spending a few days somewhere else on the way then that's a different story but if it's a quick stop off before going again, I'd rather the direct flight.
  14. Great idea by Royal Caribbean and particularly pleasing for me having recently booked to sail with them.
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