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  1. Thank you both for the replies most helpful and seem to be in line with our thinking so far about which we may do our own thing . Was thinking of doing the TukTuk in Lisbon hoping to get a better insight where the coaches cant go perhaps. Thanks again
  2. Hi Never having been to this part of the world before we are calling at Maderia La Palma Teneriefe Gran Canaria Lanzarote Lisbon Can anyone advise which ports we can do our own thing and which if any we would definately be better taking an excursion. All advice appreciated Thanks Susan
  3. Thank you for your thoughts I am feeling more confident we will have a great time lets face it 2 weeks of no cooking and cleaning and fabulous places to visit cant be bad ! Thanks again
  4. Thank you Botswain, and all . I intend to go with an open mind and hopefully nothing will spoil this cruise as St Petersburg is the one destination I have longed for for a good few years. It was the Ports of call that was most important to us and the dates that fitted for us , We really enjoyed P & O cruise last year . Thanks again
  5. Thank you for your thoughts and comments. Hopefully everything will be just fine and as Cruise Addict says if there is a problem we try and get it resolved as soon as. This will be our 6th Cruise , 2nd with P&O so really looking forward to it after having a wonderful time on Brittania last year. Thanks again
  6. Has anyone been on Arcadia lately ? We seem to be seeing a few moans about the ship itself on another Forum Can anyone put my mind at ease PLEASE ! , we are going In August Baltic cruise Thanks
  7. Thank you all for the great advice, We are really looking forward to it now , and feel more confident we can do much on our own . Thanks
  8. Many thanks for your replies, seems like we may do these places on our then and leave the organised stuff for St Petersburg. Thanks again
  9. Thanks for your comments. Yes we are calling at Talin - I did think that possibly Talin and Skagen we could do under our own steam . Any thoughts ? Thanks
  10. Hi,, We are calling at Stockholm and Helsinki and Oslo in August on Arcadia and wondered if anyone had advice on what to do in either place, should we book trips or are the ports near enough for us to walk off and potter around on our own . ? Thanks ss
  11. Hi Im new to the forum, going to St Petersburg in August , just not sure what to do about Visa s . & Trying to decide to book private tour or not as there are four of us. Visa I believe are issued from ship for group tours (?) but do we have to apply for our own Visa if we go private tour. Ibelieve you can only get Visa in either London or Edinburgh is that right ?
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