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  1. Welcome Hattie😊 Hope you find lots of useful information on here🤗
  2. Have always registered a credit card myself and have never had any problems,happily recommend this approach to anyone 😊
  3. Have only cruised with Royal Caribbean so ca not comment on others,our experience is the same as Wurzel55. whoever you cruise with I am sure you will enjoy it.
  4. I get Travel Insurance included in my current account which covers both myself and my wife,we both have medical conditions which are covered at no extra cost,all they ask is that I give them an annual update.
  5. Both my wife and I have medical conditions and these are covered by my Bank insurance at no extra cost,I just phone them once a year with an update and that's all there is to it.
  6. Always use my FX any currency card abroad,never any problems or "nasty shocks" excellent service.
  7. Have only cruised with Royal Caribbean,been totally satisfied,having described them to friends as"my comfort zone" Love the ships,love the crew🤗🤗🤗 would I consider another cruise line? Possibly depending on itinerary.
  8. Having been on a few Royal Caribbean cruises I know they offer a variety of drinks packages,we normally choose one which suits us,if going as couple,and if one of you doesn't drink alcohol,then a soft drink package may suit you best,with the drinker of alcoholic drinks simply charging their alcoholic drinks to their seapass account.
  9. Have only dried with Royal Caribbean,they have consistently exceeded my wildest expectations,other cruisers tell me Royal Caribbean are less formal than P&O. Hope this helps.
  10. I have made my first booking this year with Bolsover,reason being poor service from previous travel agent and hearing people particularly speak very highly of Bolsover.
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