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  1. Raspberry Rose

    Celebrity On board Credit

    Just found out today that you can use your on board credit before your cruise with Celebrity. For shore excursions or drinks packages ect. Never knew this before! Just thought i would post on here in case anyone else was unaware.
  2. Hi all! I was just looking for a general review on anyone who has been on a Carnival cruise. Would be family of 4 (2 children.) What are cabins like compared to other cruise lines? Do they not offer any flight packages? Just any general advise and pics would be great? Thanks in advance.
  3. Raspberry Rose

    Michelin-Starred Meals For One Pound

    Do they deliver
  4. Raspberry Rose

    Just a little bit of fun....

    Feel like you should share yours with us first waves
  5. Raspberry Rose

    Midnight & Chocolate Buffet

    Wow those pictures look amazing! thanks so much for posting pics
  6. Raspberry Rose

    Midnight & Chocolate Buffet

    Mimosa do you have any old pictures from these events? x
  7. Raspberry Rose

    A Month Down The Line... QM2 Remastering

    Some good pictures on there that they took to give you a good idea
  8. Raspberry Rose

    A Month Down The Line... QM2 Remastering

    I have not had the chance to sail on her since she has been remastered- But i did see on the Gallery on this forum that Bolsover has uploaded some photos from their visit on board if that helps
  9. Raspberry Rose

    Midnight & Chocolate Buffet

    Has anyone got any pictures of this Midnight Chocolate Buffet as i have never been on board whilst this has happened and it sounds very yummy lol! (or maybe i missed them!) Need to see an example!
  10. Raspberry Rose

    Greek Lunches Worth Skipping Breakfast For

    Reading this artical has made me very hungry and wanting to go to Greece right now lol!
  11. Raspberry Rose

    Booking tables when on Freedom dining

    When i went in December i did freedom on the Ventura- I never had to wait for a table and always got a table for the 4 of us. So hopefully you won't feel the need to pre book a table.
  12. Raspberry Rose

    Obstructed Balcony

    ooo what cabin number and grade did you have on Eclipse Mimosa so i know for future reference if it was a similar view
  13. Raspberry Rose

    Obstructed Balcony

    . This was our friends cabin who came with us... As you can see they had a very different view! There cabin number was G626
  14. Raspberry Rose

    Obstructed Balcony

    Yes i agree, Before i went i tried to find pictures online of what to expect, But half of them were bad quality and others i just didnt trust were the exact cabin i had! needless to say i was pleasently surprised!