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  1. Hubby and I are booked on Arcadia in April next year for the Azores, Madeira , and the Canaries .This trip was booked before Covid 19 news broke . It took quite a while to sort out insurance as nobody was doing new policies but all is well now .We are both over 70 just and have medical i:e Diabetes 2 is one .But I will say we had no problem getting cover ,could not have been more helpful I would recommend Avanti and this is a firm I have never dealt with before.
  2. We are going on Med cruise later in the year but not sure about this tourist tax as we are not in port overnight can anyone help
  3. Definitely a balcony is essential. Our first cruise ever which was to the Caribbean back in 1999 involved an inside cabin. For our second cruse in 2001 we opted for a balcony state room and we have never looked back since. That is why I recommend a balcony. There is nothing better than enjoying a nice cuppa and admiring the beautiful scenery especially first thing in the morning.
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