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  1. I have been reading the reviews on tipping, the comment this is the American culture and we should accept this way of tipping, gratuities added to the account., I for one being English prefer choice, I agree everyone works hard, so did i , and received the wage agreed, not receiving gratuities , I prefer the company to pay a reasonable wage, or include in the cost of the booking the gratuities. As with past cruises we tip the Cabin Steward, the Dining room staff and anyone who gives the service we expect.
  2. I have tried many insurance companies, none of them would cover my medical condition of C.O.P.D. the insurance company that covered my 2013 cruises wished me as a valued customer Happy New Year and looked forward to my custom in 2014, they did not mention my conditioned would not be covered 2014, companies did cover the condition with a inflated premium, i.e. for 12 days £750.00, so retracting my steps back to Bolsover i am now covered by Holiday Extras, £121.00 worth contacting anyone with a problem. Mike Caerglowhill
  3. Thank you Lucy,may i wish the The Cruise Club Forum success in the future, having cruised since 2oo5 i find making conversation with like cruises very helpful with any problems one might have. I would also like to put on record BOLSOVER CRUISE CLUB for their excellent service,going that extra mile. WELL DONE. caerglowhill Cheltenham
  4. Tips are given to the people who tend to our needs ie. Cabin valet, table waiters, I understand it's all down to teamwork and they should all benefit, the problem would not arise if wages related to skill
  5. I agree with the comment, take your own chair, the staff are very welcome the only problem we have experienced was on the small ship Adonia with the carpet strips, which are very high and also disembarking, it does help if you can walk a few steps
  6. You will enjoy Adonia a small ship similar to Artemis, the only problem we had being a wheel chair user was the carpet strips, otherwise a very enjoyable ship
  7. I visited the medical dept on Ventura and had the use of a wheel chair, but I was not charged, I do not understand the comment
  8. Pleased P & O are prohibiting smoking on cabin balconies, just as you settle to admire the view with glass of wine and feeling all is well, next door decides to smoke,any one with breathing problems have to suffer, and move inside to avoid the problem.
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