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  1. We are on this cruise. When we have done Christmas cruises in the past they have always been on family ships, so the average age was quite young. We always find that at the festive season everyone is friendly and want to enjoy themselves regardless of their age. I am sure you will be fine,
  2. I was pleased to read a positive review of the Britannia. We have not been on her but after reading your report will certainly consider her in the future..
  3. Hope you have a good trip and meet lots of lovely people.
  4. We have been on several river cruises but I have never seen tables for two. Mainly 4,6 and 8. I suggest you contact the cruise line you are interested in and ask them.
  5. Pleased to hear you got exactly what you wanted. Where are you going?
  6. On our recent cruise on P & O Ventura I saw people using the e cigarettes but only in the smoking areas. I would suggest you phone the cruise lines that you are interested in to check their current policy
  7. There do appear to be a few different ports of call. But it is much to early for me to think about cruising in 2019. I have still got one cruise booked for this year and one for 2018.
  8. Tell them your only paid a small amount for the cruise in an inside cabin but were upgraded to a balcony cabin at no extra cost. That should shut them up. Also mention you got a lot of on board credit!!
  9. choose your cabin with care. Mid-ship being the most stable. Hope you enjoy your trip.
  10. I always take skirt and trouser hangers. Apart from these we only take a few of our own hangers that have got clothes on them already as Seawitch states. There have always been enough hanger in the cabin for us.
  11. We liked her. There are always people who like to complain. That is fine if it is valid, it often I think some are looking for problems. No cruise ship is perfect. hope you have an enjoyable cruise.
  12. Sorry to hear your negative review. We were on the Adonia a couple of years ago. OK it is not perfect, but we enjoyed our time on board. No real complaints. We always go on a cruise to enjoy ourselves and accept that things are never perfect. I hope you wrote to P & O with your complaints and hopefully they will make the necessary improvements.
  13. There is a good choice of cakes, fruit salad and rolls depending on the time of day. They only seem to have them during the day.
  14. We have only just booked a 17 night cruise with P and O and got £75 each military credit for a balcony cabin.Confirmation invoice has confirmed this. When do the new rates come in force?
  15. Love the Adonai. Look forward to your next post.
  16. We do like to have a balcony, regardless of where we are cruising. It is nic to have fresh air in the cabin. In the summer we sit there with a drink in hand reading. Also get some lovely photos. We
  17. We do like to make a cuppa when we get back on board after a day out. I do not want to have to go to the buffet to make a cup, or try to find a seat in Costa a get a coffee. I know you can have room service but might have to wait a while to receive it. i hope this is just a rumour.
  18. That would make things very interesting'!!!!!!!
  19. Well done for pointing this out to us. Thank you.
  20. We did back to back cruies on her last year. It is not our favourite ship but the itineries suited us. We did not encounter any real problems. Some people will complain about anything. We go away to enjoy ourselves. If we have a problem we take it up with the staff straight away and it has always been resolved.. go with an open mind and have a fantastic cruise.
  21. Yes it would appear so!!, I meant 2005!!😀
  22. I never wanted to cruise but my husband really wanted to. I said I would only go if we flew Premiur class to the Caribbean and had a balcony cabin. By saying this I thought he would forget about it. But no, he booked and we went on the Arcadia in November 2095. I loved it and we now try ti go least trice a year. Just regret that I had not wanted to go before. ted
  23. Much appreciate you letting us know.
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