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  1. No rain in the Brentwood area for weeks. No doubt when it starts we will all be complaining!!!!!
  2. I have read the link and do not think it would be a good buy for us. We always buy the Costa card and I only drink wine with dinner and my husband a drink before bed. Not good value for us. Our drink bill over a two week cruise would be about £300 and as we often get at least that in on board credit we use that to pay for our drinks. Do you think OBC will now be a thing of the past?
  3. this appear to be information for the crew not passengers. I would be very interested to see what type of drinks packages they will offer.
  4. We like both and if you are on a two week cruise why not look at the menus when you get on board to see which you prefer and maybe book both.
  5. What do P & O do for people who have either reduced or increased the service charge.? We always reduce ours and give cash to people who have servered us well.
  6. We were there in April and were lucky as we were the only ship docking that day. I would hate to be be there when 14000 passengers arrive. It was VERY crowded on the day we were there, difficult to see all the sites because of the crowds. i did not think we will go there again.
  7. Will be interesting. Would love to see him perform live.
  8. We have done several p and o Christmas cruises. Our favourites being the ones.to the Caribbean however last year we were on the Oriana which visited the Canary Islands. We enjoyed it, went with an open mind and wanted to enjoy ourselves which we did.
  9. We went last year and did a two excursion we saw so much, but there was plenty more to see. You will have a fantastic time. Enjoy.
  10. I am interested to see what happens.
  11. Yes, we were made aware of it last month. The extra on board credit you get for booking on board is slightly more than the military credit. At one stage you got both! Not sure if applies to Cunard as well but I guess it will be across the fleet.
  12. We have just returned from a cruise 9n the Aurora and the shops were selling all the P and O products at 50 to 75% off. there were some good bargains to be had and we were told that all their stock had to be so.d to make way for new supplies.
  13. Well said. Love being on board but also like to go ashore for a couple of hours unless it is somewhere I have not it been before then we go on a tour. like you I feel safe to be back home on the ship.
  14. To save all the problems and people getting annoyed and upset just include the tips in the fare. End of problem.
  15. One year I forgot to pack my husbands evening shirts. It was only when we were getting ready for the first formal night that we realised. I rushed to the shop but they only had one left size 14, no good for him. I had to buy a white shirt that cost £64. Needless to say I will not forget to pack his evening shirts again.
  16. No way. It must be a nightmare getting on and off and as for getting a tender unless you are on a tour it just would not be worth the wait.
  17. If you are on a P & O excursion you get off first and have allocated tender times. The rest who are just going ashore on their own usually go to one of the allocated areas to pick up a ticket with a number on it. You are then called in numerical order. It is well worth going ashore as it it a lovely island.
  18. When you book a cruise the dress code is in the brochure. If you do not like it book with another company. As other have said you can always dine in the buffet if you do not want to wear formal dress.
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