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  1. There is nothing to see in ljmuiden. We spent two days there at Christmas on a p and o cruise. Take the frequent free shuttles into Amsterdam, they even ran during the night.
  2. Something to read in a wet autumn day. Just received the information booklet for our Christmas cruise on the Arcadia.
  3. Just back from a visit to my son and his family in San Diego. Plenty of sunshine there.💥
  4. I. Might watch it, but have no intention of going on it.
  5. They will want to ensure that the passengers get into the old town because that is where we spend our money!
  6. Lovely photos but I guess we will not be going there now.
  7. I have just received a email from P & O giving details of excursions for our Christmas cruise. We usually get these details about 12 weeks before we go., not six months. Considering we have not yet had our summer cruise or paid for the Christmas cruise I cannot understand what is going on. No way will we booking and paying for excursions yet.
  8. Cartagena you can walk into the town. Just a short stroll. The other ports you will need a taxi or public transport. They are quite away from the port. There is a shuttle bus, but not into Rome. Perhaps consider an excretion.
  9. I have signed the partition and written to my MP. Yes we can afford to pay for our TV licence, less spending money on the next cruise!!!! But so many elderly people who do not get pension credit but still only get a small pension will have to decide what to go without to pay the fee. Next thing I suspect will be bus passes. we are any easy group to hit as no one really sticks up for us and we can hard,y go on strike.
  10. I watched it. We have been on that river cruise with Saga. Cabin was nothing like her one! Enjoyed the program and will watch th3 b3xt 9ne.
  11. We have seen this. Also some passengers only just make the ships departure and just stroll back to the ship, no urgency. We always aim to be back on board at least an hour before the scheduled departure time unless we are on a tour when we know the ship will wait for the coach.
  12. We watched the recording last night and to my surprise I found it interesting. Yes, some of the program was a repeat of what has previously been shown on other cruise show but there were also bits that I did not know about.
  13. I will record it. Thanks for the reminder
  14. Thank you for the link, I do not think the cruise lines will be too happy! Good news for passengers.
  15. It would be a waste of money for us. We have wine with our dinner and another drink in bar later. £80 per couple per day, P&O you must be joking.
  16. Light covering here in Essex. More forecast for tonight. Wish we were in the Caribbean☀️☀️
  17. I am only too pleased that the tips will be included in the price.. seems the fairest way to me. What is the problem with it??
  18. I take the mobile with me, but do not use it while I am on a cruise. I can managed to have a holiday without having contact with home. If there is an emetgancy I would expect them to contact the cruise line with a message, then I would use the mobile.
  19. I could not agree more especially when she was interviewed and said” I will be famous now”
  20. This is good news. If it is included in the price everyone pays. Much better for us and the crew, I hope. We will have to wait and see if we loose OBC, free parking etc. Time will tell.
  21. Too large for us. It will be a nightmare embarking and disembarking. I have enough to trouble trying to find the suitcases now!!!
  22. Thanks for letting us know Davybe as yet have not received any of these calls.
  23. P and O want to put a stop to this otherwise they will lose their regular passengers. We all want to have a good time but not at the expense of spoiling it for other people. I personally have never seen this type of behaviour on board and do not want to.
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