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  1. Hi, I went on Crown Princess last year and the drinks package was $55 per person per night, I do think that they have put it up to $65 now however i would definatley recommend it as the drinks prices were quite high then plus the 18% service charge on top of everything. Hope this helps.
  2. Having just got back from Silouhette all I can say it that she is a beautiful ship and we had a fantastic time. I havent been on eclipse so cant compare the two however the food, the service and the entertainment were fab - I would highly recommend it.
  3. rachel

    Azamara Pursuit NEW FOR 2018

    I think the itimeraries are great on the pursuit, lots of variaton and some new ports too.
  4. rachel

    Britannia 16/7/17

    I definatley wouldnt rule it out, we had a fab time x x
  5. rachel

    Britannia 16/7/17

    My initial impression was excellent, Britannia is a spectacular ship and it exceeded my expectations. The atrium area is beautiful and I loved the starburst feature. I specifically chose an aft facing balcony due to the number of complaints that i hear about them but I can 100% say it was the best cabin that we have sailed in and the soot didn’t affect us in any way, we would definatley book one again and I can confidently recommend these to anyone looking at booking one. The cabin was laid out very well with lots of storage, I particularly like the glass panel rather than a curtain in the shower. Our cabin steward was excellent, he came and introduced himself when we arrived and couldn’t do enough for us throughout our cruise, he washed our baclony down every day at 12.15 just in case there was any soot on the balcony! The staff and food in the main dinning room is the best we have ever had on a P+O ship, I read reviews all the time about how the food has gone down hill and the service wasn’t good but everything that we experienced was very good. We dinned in the main dinning room most evenings and they catered very well for my fussy daughter, they were happy to amend the menu and bring her different things if there was nothing that she liked, nothing was to much trouble. The public areas are beautiful on Britannia, as you walk round it is like walking round a 5 star hotel rather than a cruise ship, the décor is very modern which we really liked and everything was perfectly clean. I really liked the look of the midhsip pool areas, there were lots of sun beds around. We used the grab and go stations and the pizzareia. I had heard from various differnet people about the ques at the mid ship lifts, on embarkation we were advised to head down to the aft lifts rather than wait for the mid ship lifts, throughout our cruise this is what we did as there generally was a que at the mid ship lift area. We dinned at the beach house and SIndhu which were both very good, the service in the beach house was very welcoming and friendly - i think this is a good area for familys as it is a little more relaxed than the main dinning room but you are still served rather than self service in the buffet. Our favourite place on board was the crows nest, we loved sitting in here and sampling the gin flights that they offer - i really liked this as it was something a little quirkcy - my husband like the craft ale flights in brodies too.
  6. rachel

    Britannia 16/7/17

    Hi, Im due to board Britannia this Sunday for a week with my family. Any tips to make the most of my time on board?? Thanks in anticipation Rachel
  7. rachel

    Questions About Navigator of the seas

    Hi, as far as im aware coktails are included where ever you are, im not sure about the Ben and Jerrys though - sorry x x
  8. rachel


    I think the itineraries look lovely, Royal Caribbean are doing a similar itinerary on Empress of the Seas which I have been looking into.
  9. Hi ive just found this on Cunards website By securing an FCD you will receive On Board Spending Money when you make your next booking* On Board Spending Money: 6-9 nights on board Grill Accommodation = $200USD Balcony Accommodation = $150USD Inside / Outside Accommodation = $100USD Sailings of 10 nights or more Grill Accommodation = $400USD Balcony Accommodation = $300USD Inside/ Outside Accommodation = $200USD Well worth taking out x x
  10. Hi Ursula, Ive done Brugges a few times on short cruises, the shuttle bus from the ship will normally drop you outside the trainsation in Blankenburge where you can then get the train straihjt into Brugges for about 5 euros return. Whenever i have done it previously there have been horades of people going on the smae route from the ship. I hope you have a lovely time.
  11. rachel

    azamara going to alska!!!

    What a loveley way to do Alaska on a small ship, I would love to try azamara. I like there itineraries that they offer going to monaco for the Grand Prix x
  12. rachel

    Fantastic Caribbean cruise

    Glad you had a great time, I was lucky enough to dine on MS Amsterdam recently and the food was amazing.
  13. rachel

    Did you get yours?

    I pre registered for the Christmas cruise with Bolsover and they got me exactly what i wanted. It seems usch a long way away but ive been caught out in the past and havent been able to get on the christms cruise. Roll on December 2019!!
  14. I would love this, it would take me back to my teenage years x x
  15. I cant believe it, I've just rang Bolsover to book Ventura for Easter next year and was amazed to find that children were £99.00. Such a good offer if you are wanting to get away for Easter, N709 Ventura 9/4/17 for 17 nights. I cant wait x x