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  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to reply. Yes, I think you're right - Christmas is the problem. Maybe the office is used less during this time. I think we will end up taking a taxi to north airport and pick a car up from there. Thanks again.
  2. We have several hours to kill between our ship's arrival on the 27th December 2022 to our flight back to the UK. Does anyone know of a rental company who would have a pick up at the Port and drop off at South Airport. We have tried, without success, so far. Cicar who have an office there are closed that day. Thank you in advance for any information. Sandra
  3. Thank you everyone - most enlightening !
  4. David, thank you. That is really helpful advice. We have a lot of Avios (enough for both of us to go long haul Club) but we have found it very difficult to spend them i.e. no seats available on our chosen dates! We used some before Christmas on a few cases of wine which posed no problem at all. Sorry I seem to have gone off topic !! Many thanks Sandra
  5. BobTroll thank you for that advice. I really appreciate the friendly approach you have shown towards my questions. Anything you can think of we should know, then keep it coming ! By the way, I suppose different cruise lines use different airlines. Do you know if any of them specialise in British Airways? I only ask because I can collect the air miles. Thanks again folks.
  6. Thanks everyone - all good useable advice.
  7. Waves49 - yes, that was very helpful. Is Port side preferable to Starboard? Just wondered why you asked?
  8. Thank you bigrog. I do like their website and I think we need to have dialogue with them in order to find a good deal. It really is a minefield when it comes to choosing.
  9. Valerie: Very good tips there. Would never have thought about the launderette. OWT: Wow, very comprehensive information regarding cruise lines - clearly, you are a well travelled cruiser and I will keep the information to hand. With regard to our personal likes and dislikes. When we travel we do like a little bit of luxury but at a sensible price i.e. flying BA business class but choosing to go when they have their sale. Given this will be our first cruise, we have nothing to go on so your input to us is invaluable. I've stopped reading Trip Advisor on the subject of cruis
  10. Janet - thank you for that useful piece of advice.
  11. Thank you all for taking the trouble give us the benefit of your knowledge. We are mostly looking at "deals" but my brain is getting fuddled with all there is to offer. I think your advice to go straight to Bolsover is probably a good idea. We are getting excited about our first cruise experience. What would you say are the vital things/area to avoid on board i.e. cabin position (we would have a balcony),
  12. Thank you Boatswain - helpful advice.
  13. You've all been so helpful. Another question: do we always have to dine with others or can we request table for two? I'm sorry if this seems anti-social but even after 45 years married, we still enjoy each others company !
  14. Thank you all for your helpful input and for replying so promptly.
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