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  1. eyes12

    Cunard in Alaska?

    does anyone know if they do the tours with the cruise i cant see them?
  2. eyes12

    Cunard in Alaska?

    looks fantastic and on Cunard what more does one want!
  3. lol! fantastic both of them.
  4. i went on the ship a few years ago and it is causual most of the time and smart casual in the dinning rooms however on formal night you either got really casual or really over the top giltzy to be honest it seemed anything goes.
  5. oh I love the programme and i would like to see some more river cruises plus a crystal ship.
  6. i agree i would never ask anyone what they paid and if they told me and paid less i would be upset so i dont want to know. I agree Furby people to lie or get it wrong.
  7. I agree. I do think it depends on what cruise you are on however i did find this on one cruise i was on i needed a sunbed by the pool so i could watch my daughter in the pool as she is only young and foujnd myself having to sit on the edge of the pool all day and not one single sun bed came available. there were sunbeds available on other decks in quite areas which is great but if you have children and cant leave them in the pool on thier own this is no good at all. I was naughty one day a moved someones towl and books off as i had enough of it. I only found this a problem the days
  8. well i would not be happy if they removed the tea and coffee i like to have a cuppa before i go to bed and first thing when i wake up on my balcony. ive not heard that they are removing the shower gels again why! these are all things we dont normally have to take with us so one less thing to worry about. i have never stayed in a hotel without shower gel etc so why remove them off a ship? the little extras all make a difference it is a shame to remove them. next the chocolate off the pillow will be gone.
  9. i always find it is a risk leaving it unless you are very flexable on dates. often the late deals you dont know your cabin or dinning. this doesnt bother me so i am always happy to wait however if school hols or xmas best to book early.
  10. i find it depeds on what i am looking for, call me old fasioned but i still like to talk to someone and i know i am getting exactly what a want however i do shop about on line first. for example i always shop about for house/car insurance then call my regular company and see if they can match it 90% of the time they do. i dont always go on price if i get great customer service and its not much more in price i would rather go with the comany who knows what they are talking about.
  11. Thanks so much Happy Days and the advise with Explorer. i am swaying towards Regent and the 2and 3 day land excursions sound a great option. thanks again.
  12. Oh thats great if all excursions are included with Regent is this the same wit Silversea as i have seen one with them also?
  13. Hi all, I've always loved the idea of Seabourn, I've wanted to try them for so long and I'm finally in a positon now where I can. I've been looking over several options for next year and the itineraries look beautiful but whilst I've been looking I also came across several Regent itineraries too and they also looked amazing. That prompted me to have a closer look at Regent and I can't believe how lovely they look. Now I'm torn over who to try and having admired Seabourn for so long, i don't know what to do. Can anyone offer any advice over how to split the two? i know they share a lot of
  14. when i went i took my young daughter and decided to take "rome on your own" tour which means they take you but no tour guide which is perfect for me as i like to go at my own pace. I have re named it as "moan round rome" as my daughter did nothing but moan all the way round it was very hot. i would love to go back as an amazing place.
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