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  1. With the P&O company no longer British owned all the Carnival Group, who now own the company, are interested in is profit ! You only have to look at how they started with three second hand passengers ships and now look at the number of cruise companies they control ! Far better to cruise with a small company line Fred Olsen who have been around nearly as long as P & O and is still owned and operated by the Olsen family or the new company Cruise & Maritime Voyages which is offering a British style of cruising on their three star classic cruise ships which belong to a Gree
  2. CMV Cruises have many single cabins available on all their classic cruise ships at only a 25% supplement ! In May 2017 the ex P & O Cruises ' Arcadia ' joins the CMV Cruises fleet as ' Colombus ' after a big refit in Singapore and will have 150 single cabins available ! The company still dry docks their three star classic cruise ships every year for refits etc and had both the ' Marco Polo ' and the ' Magellan ' next to each other in drydock at the Damen shipyard in Amsterdam during December 2016. Picture of the ' Columbus ' attached
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