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  1. piphardy

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I also feel sorry for people who need the use of scooters but lets get real. There must be a limit on the use of scooters on board a ship. If cruise lines had no limits it is possible hundreds of scooters could be on the ship, that would make life impossible for other passengers and would certainly be a safety issue. There does come a time in life which we should learn to accept, not everything is possible.
  2. piphardy

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    You don't have to ask. Passengers who think they have got a bargain are ready to tell you Pip
  3. piphardy

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I agree about fluid pricing. When on the cruise and you find out someone has paid substantially less for the same thing, its more than annoying. I would like cruise lines to revert back to the good old days, the earlier you book the better the deal, although I do realise the cruise line have to sell the cabins. Pip
  4. piphardy

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    I am not worried at all. The point I was trying to make is the abolition of the service charge is not as good as it first sounds
  5. piphardy

    No service charge on P&O Cruises

    Is it because I am a grumpy old man or what. P&O have scrapped the discretionary charge because they could not control it. Too many passengers went to reception to cancel the 'discretionary' charge. I keep looking at P&O cruises and I think they have increased, not only that, on board spend seems to be much less. These are items P&O can control. Pip
  6. piphardy

    New years eve on P & O

    Depends on the weather. We did this trip once when we couldn't dock in Hamburg because too rough, we just sailed around until time to go home. Usually Bruges is in the itinerary also. Another time we did this trip, the ship was so full we and many others couldn't get a seat anywhere on the ship so we went to bed and watched the fireworks from our cabin.
  7. I agree. If you don't want it, don't use it. Some people are pathetic. Pip
  8. piphardy

    NCL Service Charge

    Thanks Jinky - so the passengers do pay the staff wages in tips/gratuities Pip
  9. piphardy

    NCL Service Charge

    My wife and I recently sailed on the Norwegian Sun from Santiago to Buenos Aires around Cape Horn. We were very lucky the seas were very calm around the Cape and we were also able to visit the Falklands. The ship, food, entertainment were good. The 'Freestyle' cruising was different to what we had previously been used to but it was ok. Although dinner jackets weren't required for dinner in the evenings, all passengers were smartly dressed. Its the service charge which really does annoy me. NCL say the Service charge is divided between the crew. We were charged $13.50 per day per passenger. For 15 nights the total is $202.50 per passenger. Multiply the $202.50 by the 2242 passengers that is a total of $454,000.00. divide by 958 crew that means each crew member gets $473.90 each for the 15 days. Does anyone believe that NCL gives each crew member $473.90 Pip
  10. piphardy

    $40m refit for Queen Victoria.

    It would be nice to know some details of what rooms have gone. The last time we were on the Queen Victoria we were told that the Champagne Bar, Cafe Corinthea and the Chart Room Bars on deck 2 were going, probably to make way for more specialty restaurants. To me, if these bars have disappeared it mean less seated areas for guests to relax and have pre dinner drinks or whatever. We liked the Queen Victoria because of the seated areas. Pip
  11. piphardy

    Drinks Packages

    Hi David One of you upgrading to the Premium package is exactly what we did as soon as we understood the rules. The Classic bought my wife's wine and the upgrade bought my Peroni Pip
  12. piphardy

    Drinks Packages

    I'm sure many of you know, but for the new cruiser it is worth finding out the detail of your Drinks Packages. e.g. Celebrity offer a FREE Classic Drinks package with some of their bookings. This FREE Classic Drinks package allows up $6 per serving of beers and $8 per serving of spirits cocktails etc, What you need to know is if you buy a beer at a cost of say $8, you pay the $8 not the $2 difference from the $6 Last time I sailed on the Celebrity Eclipse I paid $11 for a 330ml bottle of Peroni. Pip
  13. piphardy

    South America Land Tours

    Thank you, your comments are very helpful
  14. piphardy

    South America Land Tours

    Thank you Furby. I am talking about shore excursions as in day tour from the ship
  15. piphardy

    South America Land Tours

    My wife and I have booked with NCL from Santiago to Buenos Aires next March. First time with NCL Having looked at the Land Tours available they seem very expensive. Anything up to £400 each. I would appreciate it if anyone has had any experience of these tours in this area of South America which includes the Falklands. Thanks Pip