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  1. Countrygirl


    We have done about 10 cruises on Arcadia and have two booked one in November 2021 and one in April 2022 moved from this year, will we get to go in November? Who knows. Sorry but don’t like the big ships. We went on Venture last year and won’t be going on her again.
  2. Maybe one of us should apply 😉
  3. We won’t be booking anything for a while, not even sure if we will get our cruise in November on Arcadia. And we certainly won’t be flying anywhere. We have both had our first vaccine with our second booked for May. It will be interesting to see what form the proof will be and how soon the scammers will be in finding ways of making money selling false documents.
  4. Jensen, so sorry to hear your news, remember you are never alone on a cruise ship, but, there is always a quiet place if you need it. it will seem strange but you must do it. I always say to my husband if I was on my own cruising is something I could do.
  5. Well that will be the end of my P & O cruises. We went on a 38 night cruise on Venture last February ( oh those where the days) can’t say I was very impressed with her, much prefer Arcadia
  6. Me too David I prefer the smaller ships
  7. When comparing Saga with other cruse lines you must remember what the Saga price includes, insurance, drinks, excursions, no extra charges for using other dinning options and travel door to ship and return. Therefore sometimes the difference is not as big as you think.
  8. Not heard anything, but nice to see there is somebody out there.
  9. Well it will be Christmas soon, after a difficult year that none of us expected we can only look forward to happier time when life will be back to some sort of normal (What ever that is). At Easter our family were disappointed that we could not be together “ don’t worry will have a great Christmas “ I told them. Little did I know we would still be in the same position. So here goes- Have a safe and Merry Christmas 🎄 and let’s look forward to a Very, Very good 2021🥂
  10. As I mentioned in another post our cruise on Arcadia late April 2021 has now been cancelled. We have rebooked for 2022. Fingers crossed we get our November 2021 cruise to the Caribbean. We could do with a break as we haven’t been out of our village since March.
  11. Yes another 4 weeks, but then I have not really been out much since we returned home from our last cruise on 17th March. I Just wish people would do as they are told then maybe the transmission would be lower. We maybe the older generation but we still want to get on with our lives. I look forward to be able to cruise again, so let’s wish and pray for a vaccine soon. LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES AND KEEP SAFE
  12. I would be happy to cruise and go ashore with an permitted excursion. I would feel much safer knowing that it would greatly reduce the risk of virus transmission. Until we get a vaccine I think it will be the only way to go if you want to “Carry on Cruising”
  13. Just seen in the news that a family were not allowed to return to the ship after leaving an excursion in Capri. The ship had organised a ferry from Naples which had been specially prepared for the tour group. One family part way into the tour decided to leave and do their own thing. They returned to Naples only to find their luggage on the quayside. MCS said that it would not be fair to the other passenger who had abided by the rules. I would like to think that the other cruise companies would do the same.
  14. To sail into Venice was amazing, we did it on Arcadia a couple of times and to see the entrance into the Grand Canal from your balcony is magical. BUT, I have to say I cannot understand how the local people can complain about the cruise ships when there own water taxis and buses travel on the water so fast they make more wash than the big ships.
  15. We are booked on Arcadia in April, paid £2400 pp for a balcony with £770 OBS per cabin+ parking. Now would cost £3000 pp and £270 OBS per cabin +parking. (Same cabin grade) I do feel so sorry for those that had booked the World Cruise, so disappointing.
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