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  1. Morning, it is good to see there is somebody out there. I agree I watch Britannia sail out on the “Solent Ship” live you tube site. Our cruise on Arcadia in November was cancelled last week, we were not surprised but still disappointed. It makes us wonder if the plan to sell the last two small ships Arcadia and Aurora. We have now booked a cruise for September 2022 with Saga with the discount on offer it was a good deal, so worth a try.
  2. Just over 18,000 joined the link, We were surprised at the number who signed in.
  3. As you say you are already booked on Iona so they don’t need to sell to you. Like you we have been cruising with P & O for many years but only on the small or Adult only ships. Therefore they need to sell Iona to us. Maybe that is why we received the invitation.
  4. It should go live on 17th May, that’s why it is not showing your Covid jabs at the moment ( but don’t hold your breath)
  5. I also received the email from P & O.
  6. Sorry to hear your news keep taking the pain killers, on the positive side you have had your 2nd Jab. I get my on the 12th May (must make sure I don’t fall over)😷
  7. Must have been having a Blonde moment, just got the joke, OR were you having fun at my expense 🤔
  8. We have been using Aviva travel insurance for the last few years, but we haven’t spoken to them this year.
  9. Countrygirl


    We have done about 10 cruises on Arcadia and have two booked one in November 2021 and one in April 2022 moved from this year, will we get to go in November? Who knows. Sorry but don’t like the big ships. We went on Venture last year and won’t be going on her again.
  10. Maybe one of us should apply 😉
  11. We won’t be booking anything for a while, not even sure if we will get our cruise in November on Arcadia. And we certainly won’t be flying anywhere. We have both had our first vaccine with our second booked for May. It will be interesting to see what form the proof will be and how soon the scammers will be in finding ways of making money selling false documents.
  12. Jensen, so sorry to hear your news, remember you are never alone on a cruise ship, but, there is always a quiet place if you need it. it will seem strange but you must do it. I always say to my husband if I was on my own cruising is something I could do.
  13. Well that will be the end of my P & O cruises. We went on a 38 night cruise on Venture last February ( oh those where the days) can’t say I was very impressed with her, much prefer Arcadia
  14. Me too David I prefer the smaller ships
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