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  1. A colleague of mine recently returned from their first Viking river cruise and cannot stop trying to pursuade everyone to do one, even convinced me to look at it for next year just pondering over which itinerary to do and whether top do Viking or AMA waterways but I will have to get my thinking cap on as it looks like they book up well in advance. My colleague said the value for money was fantastic as all excurions were included!
  2. I am definitely looking to book a caribbean on bitannia looks like it is going to be fabulous i look forward to seeing posts from people who sail on her earlier departures
  3. I have done it the other way around - flew to hamburg and sailed to southampton. Always fancied trying Queen Mary 2 doing the new york trans atlantic but wanted to test it first to see if i could cope with all the days at sea. I booked on a deal like you are looking at and ended up with a sheltered balcony - I was pleasantly surprised the cabin was excellent and as for sheltered it really was just a metal fronted balcony, much better than on other ships like ventura. I thought the service, Food was far superior to P&O. Airport to port was around 20-30 minutes. The ship is fantastic, so muc
  4. I am due to go on a cruise shorlty (on the final countdown cannot wait) I always toy with the idea of booking excursions through the independant providers but something always stops me and I end up booking with the cruise line for ease and security. I wondered what other peoples views on this are? Any great tips? or any nightmare experiences?
  5. Yes i once made the mistake of booking direct - regretted this greatly and went straight back to bolsover
  6. Popped in to say hello to the ladies glad to see faces I have dealt with at therir main offices near to me in Barl;borugh, Chesterfield.
  7. I would rather have onboard spend than vouchers, or like most other people are saying a better price
  8. My friend left their cunard brochure here just found the coach they use is Intercruises tel 0845 052 0537 and in the brochure it states the fare for one way to sheffield is £79 hope this helps
  9. if you go on cunards website, click on frequently asked questions and type in "what will the dress code be on my cruise" there is a linked spreadsheet for all sailings listing formal nights, I only know this as my friend was at my house last night looking for the same reason.
  10. Not sure I would want to go in that glass pod that hangs out over the ship (the North Star) the other facilities look really good.
  11. Just booked a ventura fly med for a cheeky week in june cannot wait!
  12. this sounds fantastic I know Bolsover often give a contribution towards gratuities and I personally like to pre pay them so I book with them to get it cheaper than with celebrity
  13. I had had to transfer a cruise last year due to a wedding and they were fantastic - very efficient
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