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  1. Thanks, Davybe. Just back from that first cruise. As a first timer, I loved the idea that hold baggage disappeared at Manchester and re-appeared in the cabin. Unfortunately, the massive and unexpected downside was that it got there almost 5 hours after we did, preventing us from using a decent restaurant on our first ever cruise evening. It explained why so many fellow travellers seemed to be pushing the hand baggage size boundaries compared to our small rucksacks. It was even worse at the end of the cruise - regardless of flight time (ours was 1730), all pax were lumped together for baggage (
  2. Thanks for a useful and encouraging post, Popsicle. We're on our first cruise next weekend, with P&O Azura out of Barbados. I'm delighted to see it's the 9-port itinerary you recommend. The baggage handling and easy transfer/airport procedure at Barbados sound much better than I'd expected.
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