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  1. I think its all been said, I don't smoke Smokers & non-smokers are never going to agree. Some people do not seem to be aware of how difficult addictions can be to stop, and there3 is all kinds of addictions My wife (30 a day for 30 years) stopped 2 years ago with an illness, I witnessed the difficulty in stopping, Now you want to penalise her for using an E-caig, ananti-smoking aid there is No smoke, No fumes, NO risk, NO reason WHY NOT! Its not a vapour cig hung round her necks like some kind of olympic medal
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    Smoking on P&O

    Hi, Only a non smoker would think that!
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    Smoking on P&O

    Smoking does stir up many emotions I have never smoked. My wife somked for 30 years until COPD made her finish. We both understand the problems. Smoking is an addiction, it can not be turned on and off at will. Smoking on balconies is a fire risk. We have had two cruises since she stopped, they had a smokeroom/bar we kept out. People with vapour cigs hanging round their necks, I can not stand. Buts whats wrong will a norman E-cig? It looks like a cigarette, NO smoke, NO fumes, NO addiction, NO PROBLEM
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    Hi, What do you think of P&O's new policy on banning E-cigs in bars etc? Have other cruise lines done the same?
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