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  1. Smaller ships if we are cruising alone, they seem to more friendly and much more relaxed. If we are travelling with children, the bigger ships appeal as there is much more for them to do and they are better catered for, in my opinion.
  2. I agree entirely with sammy sun, having done set dining at both early and late sittings and freedom dining (forced on us by four people on a table for eight. Can take bad manners, to a certain extent but draw the line at offensive comments to fellow table companions) and would never go back to set dining and like the fact that not only can we dine to suit our schedule but like the fact that if you meet other people and get along, it's nice that you can have a meal with them, a table to suit and at whatever time suits. Also you can get to know the waiters if you find a table in a location you l
  3. Hello Kevin, we have only used this service once before and we had no complaints. However we have just booked with them to travel from Grimsby pick up point, so I would be interested to hear of anyones experiences, or tips, as it was some years ago we first travelled with them.
  4. Yes I have emailed P&O about a different topic and I did receive a phone call back. My complaint was addressed to my satisfaction but that was the only time I have done this except for the end of cruise questionaires, which I think are a waste of time. I'm sure that many seasoned cruisers are looking forward to Orianas re fit, we will be booking on her once done. A lovely ship with a lovely atmosphere.
  5. I agree that P&O are ignoring their regular cruisers. We do not want huge ships nor do we want the tribute acts thats we see time after time as entertainment. On a recent cruise of ours we only saw one show, as we had seen all the acts a couple of times previously. With the exception of Tom O'Connor who you can watch time after time and hardly ever hear the same material and who caters to all age groups. How many times do we have to fill in the end of cruise questionaires, that are obviously being ignored, before P&O listen to their regular guests. Bigger ships do not appeal and we cer
  6. Hello On all the cruises I taken over the Christmas period, this is the first time I have heard this question. It is not, in my experience, the norm to give your cabin steward a christmas gift. In any event what do you buy a complete stranger, are they male or female and what religion are they, would a gift offend? My suggestion is this, say to your cabin steward on Christmas Eve, "as it is Christmas Day tomorrow, please don't do my cabin, I am quite happy to make my own bed etc and the sooner you finish your work, the sooner you will get to do what you want to do". This has always been re
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