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  1. Fully recovered now, so 4 days in total, bit obvious effects only lasted about a day, after that I just didn’t feel well. I guess I won’t know what caused it for sure. I doubt it’s an allergy as I love seafood so had eaten a load of prawns already that week. I will find out tomorrow as have a bbq planned for our wedding anniversary and have some rather nice ones ready to go!
  2. Thanks, yes I am on a few things and drinking loads. It’s not being helped by other meds I am on unfortunately but that’s one of those things. Mostly over it now just have zero energy to do anything and feeling a bit sore in the gut region. At least it was right at the end so only affected the last day and even then it wasn’t until I was on the way back that I felt really rough.
  3. I guess it’s a mix of lazy journalism and past history. P&O specifically mention norovirus in the info and questions during embarkation. As no one else in my family has suffered any problems I am leaning towards the food poisoning angle, I didn’t eat anything off the ship all week so it must have been something on board, but as I said before it’s not entirely surprising given the present heatwave. I guess I have just been unlucky but still feeling rubbish a few days on.
  4. That is why I made a point of putting food poisoning/ bug as short of collecting a pot of poo and getting it tested I can’t be sure and I wasnt going to be doing that. More wondering if it was an isolated thing or more widespread.
  5. Did both last week, beach house was fantastic, cafe jardin was very disappointing to say the least. The beef fillet my daughter had at the beach house was very nice, being 11 she loved the idea of cooking it herself on the lava as well.
  6. Port security can be a bit hit and miss, at Corfu we were wizzed through and they didn’t seem too bothered. Had I known a few bottles would have joined us at that port! But it didn’t inspire confidence to say the least.
  7. I don’t think the cruise ships are the problem. We were there last week and the entire population of the ships in port that day would probably have only accounted for the numbers in StMarks square. It was heaving EVERYWHERE to the point that it wasn’t really an enjoyable stop as much as we had hoped. I think they need to have a look at the numbers of tourists in general - but it would take a brave (stupid?) person to try and limit the numbers who are filling restaurant seats and the tills of the Tat shops.
  8. No mention of NV beyond the usual precautions. Staff were spot on with hand sanitizer every time we went in buffet or restaurants. Only thing I am wondering about is I had the prawn cocktail and didn’t eat a couple of the prawns as they were a dark colour at one end which looked strange. In the present heat wave I guess seafood is a bit more of a risk in any restaurant and I have no way of knowing if it was that or not. Were you on last week as well?
  9. Just wondering if anyone else was on Oceana last week? (Returned Thursday) Had a good time but felt rough the last day (put it down to the heat) but after disembarking I got worse and have had significant symptoms of food poisoning/ bug which made the flight home interesting as it really kicked in about half way back! Still rough now. Wondering whether it’s a one off and I have been unlucky or whether there was an issue on the ship.
  10. The only time I have seen anything was on a Royal Caribbean ship, the security guys were called and they were marched off politely but firmly. No idea what happened to them though.
  11. We leave the auto ones on but also give a cash tip to those who have given service above and beyond. It's a tiny proportion of the cost of the holiday and, in my experience, the star are superb so I am happy to,reward that. I don't mind the auto ones as there are lots of people I don't get a chance to tip (or even see) that have contributed to making the holiday great.
  12. Having done both I have to admit we love the timed seating option. On our last cruise we had the same table every night and could stroll in between 6-6.30pm and be seated immediately. The last one we did we freedom dining entailed waiting around for 15-30 minutes to be seated, then a different table each night, sometimes sharing. If timed dining is seen to be old fashioned then so be it, but it works for us.
  13. I suffer severe motion sickness as a side effect of other medication (I can't even be driven 400yds without being ill). I was prescribed some scopoderm patches before our first cruise and they are brilliant. We went across the Bay of Biscay last summer and it was a rough crossing, I was still fine and ended up giving spare patches to other family members to spare them from suffering. They do dry you up though so you have to drink a lot (not alcoholic necessarily).
  14. I disagree, having that sort of public embarrassment can work. As is too often the case a few people believe their own importance to be above the rest of the population and feel that the guidelines do not apply to themselves. Whilst every opportunity should be afforded to those who have a genuine problem that could not have been foreseen, I see no problem personally with leaving at the specified time. And judging from the comments of fellow passengers when we saw just the ship delayed and finally leave half an hour late only to see a taxi roll up as we were maybe thirty feet clear of the dock,
  15. We like buying a bottle of the local speciality when on shore, it's not about the cost, it's about the CHOICE. On Royal Caribbean we brought a bottle back the first day only to have it taken off us, they return all the bottles on the last night and it was funny to hear the sound of popping corks along the balconies as the steward when done the ship. We enjoyed that bottle on the last night!
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