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  1. I've just caught up with this topic, not been on the site for a while. We've just done a late booking for a 7 night Arcadia cruise in May. If we were to take up the Drinks package that would cost us £559.30 for the week - no way would we spend that much on alcohol in a week, even allowing for my occasional double Espresso from Costa Coffee - I'm not sure a double Espresso would be included in the drinks package would it - and I always ask for it with a small jug of hot milk - don't think they charge me for that usually. In September we're doing the 30 night Canada/USA cruise so the cost of
  2. Some very interesting comments. However, I think some of the comments are portraying P&O as going downhill, for example - their brand name losing value everyday in people's eyes. I'm not sure where this evaluation comes from. Don't forget the number of people who post on forums like this one are very small compared to the number of people who actually cruise with P&O. P&O must be doing something right to fill the number of ships that they do and have another very large ship on the horizon. Yes things have changed and I assume they will continue to change. Will we all like all
  3. We have sailed on both Oceana and Azura. We were last on Oceana a year ago. If both ships were doing the same itinerary I would choose Oceana every time. Now that's just a personal choice and I can see why some people would prefer Azura - more choice of eating places, more bars, sea screen etc. However, we love the atrium on Oceana, far more Wow factor for us than Azura. Now I love to use the library, even though I have and use a Kindle and Azura's library could be compared to a cupboard whereas the library on Oceana is huge by comparison. We loathe the Manhattan show lounge - whoever th
  4. Don't be misled by ships being advertised "for sale". It's a well known practice for ship brokers to advertise a ship for sale to see what interest they get and then they contact the owners of said ship to see if they are interested in selling. The notion that Oriana is for sale has been around for years. I have a son-in-law involved in the ship broking industry and he confirms what I've said. Probably none of the ships mentioned are actually for sale.
  5. Well P&O (Carnival)must be doing something right. The share price as of today is 45.7. We bought at something like 26 a few years ago. My husband looks at the share price but really we keep the shares to get the on board credit. I would have classed P&O as middle of the range, some people may not agree but I would put them above Thomson and below Cunard. We are still very happy with their product and will continue to cruise with them as long as we are happy. I agree that Rob Brydon shows a more upmarket view - whether he is worth what they're paying him only P&O know. They k
  6. We are back on Braemar in September for the first time since 2003 so will see some changes. When I booked I was amazed to see an offer for those booking over the St. Patrick's Day weekend that the All Inclusive Drinks package was included free! Seeing as they are now charging £10pppday that seems incredibly good. We wait to see what it's like.
  7. Fantastic news, have really missed her. We also did the Baltic cruise going through the Kiel Canal. We're looking forward to going back on her as soon as we can.
  8. Arcadian Rhodes went a long time ago! Maybe we are easily pleased. Our last cruise was a Mediterranean fly cruise on Oceana in May. We thought the food was really good. We were on Club Dining on a table of 8 and everyone seemed to like what they had. If we wanted different vegetables to those advertised with the dish we only had to ask, and could ask for more vegetables or potatoes if we wanted them. I had the sirloin steak about 3 times during the fortnight as I love steak and I asked for it rare (I've learnt if I want a medium rare steak in the main dining room then I ask for it to be
  9. I have read several reviews where passengers have either asked their cabin steward to remove the minibar items from the fridge or have stored them in the wardrobe and replaced them when it was time to leave. Most passengers seem to want to put their own drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic in the fridge, plus ice and lemon. It does seem that some ships in the fleet have stopped selling whole bottles of spirits from Room Service - I'm not talking about Duty Free - although I have read that they have been available on some ships.
  10. We are off to the Canaries on Ventura in January, don't know if this is the same cruise the OP is thinking about. We will go prepared with Stugeron just in case. As others have said, it can be rough at any time of year, even in the middle of summer. Just because it will be January it doesn't automatically mean it will be rough. Go prepared and you'll be fine. The Captain will usually warn passengers if it is going to be a bumpy crossing so they can take whatever they need. We don't go expecting it to be rough, we go expecting a wonderful cruise!
  11. I phoned Bolsover yesterday morning to see if I could find out more about our cruise - D606 - being cancelled and what P&O's response was. I found out that Bolsover didn't know Adonia was going until Friday - they were very surprised as they never have any problem selling Adonia. I think Carnival jumped the gun which meant that people on one of the cancelled cruises like us, found out from a social forum before being contacted by P&O. Apparently it is now up to the cruise agents to send out the letter from P&O saying sorry your cruise is cancelled oh and here's £100 each of a fu
  12. It also means that some of us are losing our cruise which has been booked for months. We were due to go on Adonia next March - D606 - going round the Caribbean and then returning to Southampton via some of the southern United States. This cruise and one other has been cancelled! Not that P&O has told us yet. I found out firstly on the P&O Facebook page which gave a link to the main P&O site which stated that these two cruises are being cancelled. Apparently a letter is in the post. P&O insist that Adonia remains part of the P&O fleet even though she will be sailing fo
  13. We were on Oceana this March and certainly did not find her shabby. Yes maintenance work was being carried out as an on-going thing but we had a fantastic time. This is the fourth time we've been on her and we still enjoy being aboard. She had undergone a refit since we were last on her so it was interesting to see the differences. Certainly not shabby or rusty!
  14. We were on a three week trip on Azura a couple of years ago. At dinner on the first evening after we had flown to Bridgetown it was Open Seating as passengers were arriving at all different times. There was a couple on the other side of the table who looked quite miserable. Eventually the husband said, "We don't like Azura!" His wife responded, "No, we don't like it at all!" The rest of us looked on amazement. I wish I'd had the nerve to say, "Why on earth book a three week cruise on a ship you don't like?" Amazing!
  15. We always use the ones in the excursion booklet and have never bothered to print off the ones from the Cruise Personaliser and have never had a problem.
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