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  1. Internet rices are changing on P&O see below new prices on Arcadia and I believe also now on Ventura. At those costs I would suggest as others have follow the crew to the free wifi spots either at port or in town or find a cafe/bar with free wifi, it will definitely be cheaper to buy a drink and enjoy the local ambience. For anyone going on a P&O cruise (UK), I just wanted to share some Wi-Fi information. P&O have done away with the previous packages and now have three packages on offer, all continuous 24 hrs. The basic package is for Social media and messaging. This costs £7.75
  2. We disembarked Aug 7th and Captain was Marcin Branach, Elaine left just before and was replaced by an Entertainment Manager that made such and impression I cannot remember his name but he was one of the older ones, Not Jon Bartram or Hugh. the deputy was Mikey who is great. I understand Marcin is due on leave soon and the new captain will be Captain Cook. Hope that helps.
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