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  1. I am looking forward to the new Cunard ship, I hope she will have some nice new ports of call.
  2. So even more money that they would have you believe goes to the above mentioned my point is I don’t believe auto grays all go to crew.
  3. 24 And a half thousand divide by 1205 crew wil not work out at 203.32 each, maybe my maths is wrong but I don’t think it is.
  4. Our next cruise is on Ventura it’s has 1205 Crew, and 3078 pax say 2500 adults to pay auto grants, so £98 each for 14 night cruise, that’s £24.500.00 given to Each crew is £2333.33 each do w think that happens? Well I dont thats why Paul Ludlow, wants to know why ? Supplements the wages bill or what ever it goes to. just saying, don’t shoot
  5. I hope Tally, that symbol was a like it because I do so Agee
  6. Goodness me why such heated exchanges I started cruising wth the old QE 2 a long time ago, not all staterooms had bathrooms to sail the med was a dream, nobody talked about age of passengers, service, drink prices etc, you just felt lucky now so many gripes As a diamond member, I can say, world club cocktail party, 1st officers cocktail party WILL Be Formal, A dress code makes packing less of a problem, because you know, which nights of your holiday will require formal dress, and the suggestion that younger cruisers want less formal I would not agree with, middle age cruisers may want to,
  7. I don’t think Cunard will lower standards, they are a traditional brand getting more and more unique ocean village springs to mind big ship, pile them high, no dress code, drink until you vomit, were they a successful? No went out of business at one point those ships were going to anchored and used a prisons. moving with the times, does not mean lowering of standards, and Cunard has a very loyal following with many diamond level past passengers who will keep tradition alive, with ALL age ranges. just my opinion and I can think of others on this forum who would saythe same thin
  8. Your best friend is a pack a Mac well it is mine, port days warm to hot so layers, sea days could be quite cool again layers, but also the mac for outside use, formal nights your DJ others you know what you wear. Sun cream, first aid, medication your percription, usual wash bag contents, bits and bobs you can’t live without.chargers, i look at the ports, and dress code then make a list what I could wear, each day and each evening, but may a lady thing, my Husband does the same sort of thing have a lovely time.
  9. Ventura is a lovely ship with a good atmosphere nice staff, we are on her in May some new ports for us, Ihave to say that it is the biggest ship that I would go on Enjoy your holiday, tell the moaners to bxxxxxr off
  10. It’s not about age, it’s anout standards, my Grandsons wear the formal dinner jacket, cuff links, etc our granddaughter loves the long dress nights so maybe the new generation will demand the formal nights they have got used to. Its not age, but standards, the children would not go school in a different colour jumper than the uniform policy, unless a dress down day. I would not go to the supermarket in my pjs nor go to theartre in leggings and flip flops. Just my opinion, others can do what they like, just don’t say a I’m old, b wrong
  11. As I understand it Cunard are relaxing the dress code for fly Cruises, but the Southampton /Southampton will still have formal nights and the vast majority of cunarders will dress formally on Those nights, when you have a cruise wardrobe Which has been put together over the past Cruises will still be worn, which includes myself, I for one have a cruise wardrobe so does my husband, so why would you not wear it? we are not in the minority but no doubt others on the forum will say we are out of date with the times, and possibly the only ones in evening dress, I don’t so
  12. Not my idea of fun, that’s not to say who sails on her is wrong enjoy your holiday, me I am on a much smaller ship relaxing,
  13. We go in 7 weeks, which I think sounds shorter than 49 days, we have one in September, one in December, and another in May2019, can only count down one at a time.
  14. Jenjen


    The menus are very comprehensive and do include vegan choices, but they will Taylor make food for your needs.
  15. Well done Mitch. Nice to have so much to look forward too, and stops the post cruise blues, because you have another holiday to look forward
  16. As others say, with the correct loyalty status you get to board earley, not worth paying as depends on what time the ship docks, all the disembarking passengers have to have got off, and the turn around time before anybody can start embarking.
  17. P and O internet is very slow, and £10 a day I don’t think it’s worth the money, you can get free internet in ports, the crew all know most cruise ports in the terminal will have lots of crew using it. Cunard internet is much better as a frequent passenger internet is free, so my view of £10 a day may not seem expencive to you
  18. Yes I do have shares have had for years, I also have said the price we pay for earley booking together with on board credit has in our experence been very good, this is bit like age old problem off how much did you pay? We are happy with the deals we have had, and got, also we like to budget our holiday spending so forward planning is all part of the game, We got our shares free, so onto a winner then at today’s market value.
  19. Do a it just the same as booking anytime, I for one would recommend booking earley we have had some good deals, I like to book stateroom we like, in a position on the ship we like. you often get good past passenger discount, extra on board credit and 5% deposit is good, I also like to know well in advance when we will be away. just my/our opinion
  20. You can only say as you find, as I have said the last three cruises we booked over a year before departing had gone up by a lot, I know this because we have had friends who wanted to come on two cruises we had booked the price had gone up so much, they did not book, yes it was a balcony cabin, maybe inside cabins are offered cut price,But if you want a balcony or above then in my experence best booked well in advance, even more so if they have new ports.
  21. Last March we book a p and o cruise for May this year, it is now a strictly cruise, Guess what? Our balcony cabin has gone up by over £1000. So don’t think it’s bad service. All the ports are the same so don’t think we are missing anything. just my opinion
  22. As I have said before, to some people moaning is a sport, to be played with anybody will listen, they think it makes them looked experienced travelers, used to the good life, in fact it makes them look stupid and to be avoided at all costs, but they are all around, in supermarkets any waiting room I made a complaint once on P and O we found under the bed, paperwork from a past guest which was full of personal information date of birth, passport number, bank details, credit card details, address etc,etc.our cabin had not been cleaned properly We only got an apology from the first off
  23. I am a great believer in booking early, because you get the best price, with past passengers discount, and often very good O B C i have said so many times on this forum that from first release the price goes up and up, and even last minute does not go down to the first price. In the past last minute were very good, but in my experence they don't go down under what we have paid and you get the cabin you want.
  24. Super breaks charge a lot more for rail journeys that the advanced book ahead from the train line, we also go a two together rail card which gives 1/3 off, we have this very good value
  25. We did Iceland in July a couple of years ago, the weather was mixed, we had one day cold and rain, needed mac, gloves it's was quite miserable the next, was sunny and bright no coat needed just a cardigan the next port was very warm only needed a t shirt, so yes just like England at Easter time. lots of people packed shorts, and complaining about the weather, my husband kept saying the clue is in the name Iceland. i really enjoyed that port, we did a whale safari boat,trip its was fantastic they are quite expensive and best booked on board. Booking it yourself is quite difficult
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