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  1. So Mitch you must be feeling better, I am so glad.
  2. But it’s not the galley staff who get auto grats it’s the waiters who pay them £10 a cruise! that information was from another forum, from a crew member
  3. I would just go to the buffet and get some, by the time you find out who to ask, and phoned around I would have gone off the whole thing. the poor cabin steward has so much to do with all the extra cabins they now have to service, and not all let them in when they are free to do them.
  4. Travel insurance does not double for a cruise, BUT you do need cruise insurance normal travel insurance policy often exclude cruses, to save money , maybe just have the cruise insurance for the week your cruising independent of your normal policy, but I don’t know from experence if you can do this. exampl. If you need to visit the medical centre it’s £40, then any medication charges, any dressings it can add up to a big bill for something very minor.
  5. Mine would be Queen Victoria we have sailed on her 9 Times, so feels like home
  6. I too get a lot of junk, But my address was given to a company called Bespoke hotels. Well I read it because I had nothing better to do at the, time and ended up with a amazing deal for two nights In a good London hotel, with breakfast and dinner for under £200 for both us I must admit I do write return to sender on most junk and post it back
  7. Oh Mitch, poor you get well soon, as others will say better to be ill at home that away and as you get better you will have fond memories of a good holiday
  8. Sorry, but having watched a old episode of hi d hi yesterday I thought oh yes that. What this reminds me of, only my opinion of cause, and holiday camps were very very popular then we moved on to All inclusive holidays all over the place, now it seems Cruises have become popular. perhaps the ultimate is holiday came come all inclusive come theam Park, and cruise. I have been left behind I like a nice cruise, good ports, few sea days to watch the world go by maybe a dolphin or two read my book in the sun chat to like minded people if the odd meal is not so, good because it stops me ea
  9. Yes poor Beatrice, when QE2 Went to Dubai shesent onto the Queen Mary, but she did not like it, so left and went into a care home where she died quite soon afterwards. Shedid rule the roost on the Elizabeth, the crew looked after well, at afternoon tea time you could only sit by her if invited by her, she told me, that the ship was her home, and so she could invite who she wanted or turn away anybody she did not like the off, thank goodness we were invited, because my husband had a tie and shirt on ha ha
  10. We are on a cruise like this in September We have in the past done these ports as a land base holiday, two weeks each, so I opinion may not be as others, but I think it’s best to do your thing, all these places have the little train or hop on hop off bus Rhodes dock is so near the the centre well worth strolling around, stopping for coffee when you want, having comfort stops when you need without being told this is time to go.
  11. Who would spend that much on a 14 night cruise? You would have to go some. you would need to home and give your liver a holiday. Just my opinion of cause, as I always say each to his or her own
  12. Hope you are enjoying Ventura Mitch we are on her in two weeks, fingers crossed.
  13. A drinks package at £30/30$ is £60/60$ per day sorry no way would we even break even we would pay a very high price for soft drinks and coffees I would not take advantage of this, I was on a Celebrity cruise were one couple had brandy with breakfast, drank all morning, slept all afternoon, then back to drinking all evening, I did not see them drunk, but words were very difficult to understand at dinner, He told me they needed to drink to the the best value from the drinks package, takes all sorts.
  14. We have used staysure for the last 5 years, each time the renewal dates come up you can quote discount code from the newspaper advest, this year we got 20% off, for us my husband medical conditions they are much cheaper
  15. We use Staysure cruise insurance when on another post on this forum I said I thought they were good, I got shot down in flames! However, I do continue to use it on a annual policy, because booking ahead your ne t cruise is covered.
  16. A few years ago one port was Corfu which I know quite well, in a handbag shop I have visited befor I was talking to owner, he said it was madness that every Tuesday six. Cruise came into port 8000 passengers flood into the town everything very busy, the rest of week very quiet and why could they not make the destionation a port for two ships at a lime. I did think he had a point, the planners must know the schedule of other ships. So can understand some unrest, but all the ports like the revenue the ships bring
  17. Oh dear that sounds a lot, but at least you can have that much, may be they are doing back to backs, glad you got packed have a wonderful time, look forward to your posts?
  18. Lots I could say, but small ballroom on the Queen Mary, I have never been on cruise with a larger one, nor have I ever been to a boarding house with better food than on a cruise, I can’t have been to the same places as C A Wade.
  19. We all have packing rethinks, it does not help because we have had such awful weather, you can’t quite believe you may have summer weather. just write a list How many formal nights, suit, shirt shoes bow tie. Port days trousers top shoes maybe a jumper, sea days the same, (only different) then underclothes socks swim wear, shorts incase it’s hot then all the addons once you know what you want pack, and leave it. I will need to read this in three weeks, haha
  20. Nice to have a new topic, sammy sun thank you. the QE2 in Dubai will be a hotel, so do you think that’s the sort of thing? Without big changes to ships, I think many people would not like a static cruise in a inside cabin, hotels would offer much bigger rooms. it would not be my choice, I love sea days, watching the sea, dolphin spotting, I also like port days, but stuck in dock, no thank you.
  21. I think most cruise line cater well for dietary concerns they are quite common these days, my daughter is gluten free, has has been well catered for with Cunard and p and O, when we were on Celebrity they also had a good selection in the self service restaurant I can not comment on the main restaurant because I did not look.
  22. With news unfolding each day I think it is only a question of time when the football is going on /played it will be interesting to see how fans are treated, I would be cautious myself. Having said that, you may think London is dangerous!
  23. Don’t leave the forum DQ we so often sing from the same hymn sheet I have quite a strong feeling we have met on a cruise
  24. I think this forum is all about things we have experienced or things which are a turn off and that we would not think about doing, I have never done a river cruise, why? Because I don’t fancy doing one, that’s not to say they are bad, lots of people love them just not my cup of tea. So let’s all just stop the back biting please.
  25. I think it was 1985 /86 on QW2 the build up to cruise was exciting buying clothes for what I thought would be a fabulous experence, It was very second was just wonderful my husband and I went with my Mother and Father, who had cruised for some time, the day after we disembarked we booked another one, for the following year, in those days only one cruise a year.
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