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  1. We are going to look at doing a back to back flying to Dubai, and then to India, back to Dubai, at which point we would do the cruise we have already booked doing the gulf and flying home from Malta. my question is do you have to leave the ship, and go through the embarkation process again? No something we have ever done
  2. The most wow factor was the first time on the old QE2. It’s been said befor I know but I think your first ship is magic, and maybe sets the bar high nothing has eclipsed it for me
  3. Nothing to do with the cost, We do not take any drinks on board, because we don’t have alcohol every day, I would not have a drinks package, maybe other would think it good value, it’s up to them. only my opinion
  4. £80 a day on drinks 🍷 you have got to joking I think more of my liver no way would we drink that much, and £11/22 a day on coffee would be overdoing it for us, maybe if it was cold and wet and did not go ashore on port days. Im sure if you are heavy drinkers you would use it, but most of our friends would not.
  5. When we were there the taxis and minibus were all the time we were docked, they offered all sorts of trips, and well worth using they know the sailing times for each ship, and were used by a lot of the crew. enjoy your cruise.
  6. We have also done this, yes it was easy, also did the little train from the fish market, that was easy, and inexpensive enjoy your trip
  7. We book a cruise earley, get the cabin we want and pay what we think is a good price, however I do look at the prices and availability of cabins for interest not to see if others have paid more or less on that cruise. however, if by booking early we end up paying more we would stop booking earley, and book later, as we have seen in the past, the cruise we book earley goes up by. £1000 each Which means we can have another holiday we give ourselves a fixed yearly budget for holidays, weekends, and city breaks so how much we spend determines what we do. Just our own ways.
  8. We have a cruise booked for May it has gone up £450 each but I have always advocated booking early gives the best price, with low deposit and quite good OBC . The price has always gone up from starting price sometimes by over £1000
  9. We all need our holidays, I am sure the cruise will not burst, yes cruises have in some instance has gone up, but so have land base holidays, for two people, and are comparable we have been spoiled having more than one holiday a year, now maybe won’t have so many, just my opinion of cause.
  10. I would say all your ports you can do. Your own thing sister sue Madera have a good hop on hop off bus, Grand Canaria nice walk through town, you get to the beach, Tenerife you dock in the town, lots to explore depends what you like to see, Lisbon easy walk into the centre, lots to see, try a tuck,tuck.Lanzorote you need the shuttle bus, the port is a way from anything interesting But as I said It depends what you like to do and see. Happy holiday, welcome to the forum, we all like different things, so others will say other things to do.
  11. I agree with Jinky the ports visited are getting fewer, you may get one new port on a med cruise but the best it gets if you want the Southampton to Southampton, if your flying you might just as well do a land base, having said that we are doing Dubai to Malta next year for the reason new ports, we have not visited, my other half was in Aden so will be sailing past. will have to see after that
  12. We find lots of family groups and a much younger guests on that cruise lovely atmosphere, more so than summer cruise. I am sure Davybe you would have a wonderful time, and find it good value.
  13. My Grandson who was working at a Travel agents bought me a selection of travel brochures I like them more than a ladies magazine I could not believe the prices it made the cruises we have booked seem very good value. My Grandson starts his training with an airline this week, so who knows what deals we MAY get.
  14. Only my personal opinion but I would not like to do Christmas and new year, so I/we got our ideal by having Christmas with the children and Grandchildren and having the New Year’s Eve big do, and only await 5 days. Amsterdam go all out with the celebrations everything open lots all going on even male singers in the terminal the food on the Aurora was very,very good, since getting back. A couple of our friends are looking at next year, well this year now.
  15. Thank you for posting the utube video, yes the ships were on the left, Queen Elizabeth then us on the Aurora . the Queen Elizabeth sailed some time after midnight, but not sure what time she went, we left late because of high winds. i can recommend the new year cruise.
  16. Amsterdam fire works were fabulous on New Year’s Eve, enjoyed the cruise very much, but having a cold weather cruise confuses because the sun beds all empty. whatworked very well was the train, stay and cruise package at the holiday Inn Southampton Would dothat again, if a short cruise with small amount of luggage, this time we had just one case each, which has the four wheel and easy to navigate
  17. Off to Southampton tomorrow for our stay at the Holiday Inn, train stay and cruise package as I posted last February the embark Aurora for the New Year short break. All I have to do now is wish the forum members a very Happy New Year Health and good cruising, holidaying, and whatever makes you happy.
  18. Jenjen


    I think sprout tea is good for wind, no not a cure makes space in a full room if you understand my meaning
  19. Jenjen


    I saw sprout crisps in Tesco I had to buy them just because they made me smile, bet they are awful
  20. On a web site I saw it said they were 70 and 72 British couple with 4 Suitcases full of class A drugs worth 2 million quid value on a Marko Polo Cruise it also said they were a normal couple, who mixed with fellow passengers At that point I fell about laughing is thagt really normal couple of pensioners
  21. Jenjen


    I would like to echo those sentiments I still have some presents to wrap, but the tree is up, cards written and am looking forward to festive time with the Children, and Grandchildren and count my blessings we have them living near by. Merry Christmas. And a Very happy New Year.
  22. I do think you aften need something to look forward too, even to plan without booking, just the planning even a pipe dream, as I said nothing makes things harder to be told not possible well it would work for me, which thankfully I am not in that position All the very best Wishes to your family member Davybe and hope they can have a good Christmas
  23. The last thing you would want to hear is you Can not, to answer you question yes the medical Centre could put up a drip to give the antibiotics but she would need to have the drugs with her as they would not have them in stock.Cunard could cope with this, yes the insurance cover would be a high cost but some company’s do provide cover, Sombody I knew paid £4000.00 for a 7night cruise post Chemo. Good luck
  24. We stay at the imperial hotel Torquay they do threes a magic number, staying three nights, in a deluxe balcony room with breakfast is about the same price as cruise, and looking out over the sea feels like a cruise.
  25. Thank you all for your information
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