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  1. In my experience, the saver fare is often higher than the first price the cruise is offered at, I'd our last cruise went up over £1500 in the coarse of a year, two days befor sailing the price was still higher, with no on board credit, no stateroom location choice, or meal time choose. If you find a cruise you want to book, do it a sap, you will get the most out of the deal. I was told, by P&O that saver price will not be a lot different from the launch price. Hope this helps
  2. All the times for shows are printed in the horizon magazine which you get the night befor I have even known three shoes a night, most people walk in after eating, so could be in the theartre 15/20 minutes befor.
  3. I have seen, and stopped by customs at Southampton, I did not have anything I should not have had, but had to unlock my suitcase, they told me it was random they stop one in ten. I don't park on double yellow lines either, because I know I would be the token one to get caught.
  4. Like others I would say Cunard, if your friend has not been on a cruise befor, she would love all three ships, in the fleet. Afternoon tea is a joy, and stylish, nice. mix of formal, and informal, good ports, and could suit any buget, from inside stateroom to grills Yes they have children but very good kids clubs, so you don't see many children, also think about going out of holiday time. My first cruise was with Cunard on the old QE2, so am a Cunard fan. Have a good time which ever ship you go on
  5. I pack two days befor, so thatI have one day to clear up, because I make so much mess, coat hangers all over the place, and so many maybes that need to be put away again. I make a list, then another list, then the final list, but guess what? I enjoy it, all part of the joy of going away
  6. We have booked 9th June 17 Aurora, yes. One call is Chitty, but do you know the shops and markets sell Gucci handbags, without the logo, because that is were the factory is, so you get over runs, samples etc, for about 25 euros, I love it. They have also built a lovely lido on the sea front, we went this year in June.this is a discovery itineraries with new ports. Just a thought, hope it helps
  7. Have been on P&O many times, in March this year, and about 20 other times once s year at leased, I even now know some of the booking in staff, who say nice to see you again, and I still say, have not had to show eticket so untill cheque in. Have been with Cunard many many times again not had to show eticket.
  8. Never had my e ticket looked at until the Cheque in desk, after over 30 or more cruises I would know who and when looks at it.
  9. The. staff in the terminal are booking in staff not with any cruise company, I am sure all they want to do is get all guest booked in on the ship, does anybody really look at the eticket until you are with the cheque in desk. We are on Arcada on Wednesday , have been given 2 for deck E, but. have had a email full of unreadable rubbish I have printed it out 5 pages worth, it does end up saying correction to e ticket book in at I o'clock! Who knows will board when we can. Not being put off, looking forward to it, just have to pack
  10. All this said about big ships, and demand for big pile them high, sell them cheap to cater for new breed of cruisers, having only used three cruise lines in over 30 years, I do not like big ships if over 2500 passengers I would not book. One point is that the 6 star lines are small ships they sail into small places, they have been growing, and growing in demand, so that tells me not every cruises wants big floating high rise blocks. Just saying !!
  11. What is bad service? All the crew work hard and try to all they can for you. I have seen some people being so rude to the staff, and think they have servants, I am sure I would tell them where to get off, but the crew just seem to take it in there stride. These days seems to me all have such a heavy work load, and on port days, some only get a hour or two off, so end up having a sleep one not going ashore at all.
  12. Sorry, but I like a table for two, if you have ever sat with people who can spoil you dinning on a nightly basis, and you find that some people don't want to chat, just ram down food in there mouths and complain about the service, no no not for us I will not go down that route. We use two cruise lines, which we like, we know lots of staff over the years and it is so nice.to get the welcome home, welcome back, if that is boreing to some fine live cruise and let live cruise.
  13. Best thing to do is use the free internet when ashore, I have found the crew know all the best places, sometimes it is the port building they can even tell you the code number to get in. I have found it is only Cunard that give past guests a good deal with a long time free, as long as log out each time you have done what you wanted to do.
  14. As I understand it you get £30 per booking so double would be £60, that what I got with my last booking about. Three weeks ago booking a p and o cruise next year
  15. I don't know if your daughter has by now booked her holiday, but the price you stated seems a lot me, last year we took our grandsons, age 12, and 14.We booked a year before and paid just on 3K that was on the Ventura they loved every second, so did we because it gave us a different holiday, we have also taken our granddaughter age 3 years she loved the kids club, made lots of friends and had lots of new things to do, she is now 12 and still takes about it, I do think a cruise is good for children, when our granddaughter was three, we had a inside cabin, so we could tell her it was time for a
  16. As I understand, unless you take a tour with the ship you need a visa. When we were St Petersburg, we did a canal trip, that was enjoyable, then did the gardens, of St Cathrin's we had coffee and cake, we a sit down, we took this trip because we had our granddaughter with us who was about four at the time. It was not worth the effort of getting visas for us all BUT that mention we could not get off the ship the next day. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.
  17. As I said no big ship for me BUT, yes will not stop going on P and O after many years of cruising, with both Cunard and P and O, P and O have many more new port, to visit, and with over 30 past cruises under our belts, nice to go to new ports, in four weeks we go on Arcadia, 9 ports, 6 we have not been befor. Very much looking forward to Elba, have booked for next June, with 5 new to us ports. Nothing much new from Cunard, shame because we are diamond level. This is just my own view, so don't shoot me down
  18. All the stewards I know love the pound shop in Southampton, the buy all they need for the time until they get back to Southampton, so if such a thing is possible, I would get a gift token.
  19. I also will not be booking big ships no thanks, is this ocean village, drink as much as you like, no dress code, stag and hen venue. What market is this for, and who will be booking, not the experienced guests, we have seem it befor from other cruise companys and avoid it.
  20. We have been oriana five or six times, over the Years but last year when we went on her we said it would be the last. Main reason being buckets catching water pouring through the ceilings on quite a few decks, some people were move to other cabins sorry staterooms, because the toilet was blocked and overflowing, could not be doing with that. The saving grace for me is the staff, who we have known over the years are all so nice. Gives you the feeling you have come home. So let's hope refit means refit.
  21. I think they are the same people who will tell you they booked the cruise two weeks ago, and got it more than half The price you paid. Or they get double the amount of on board credit, up grades to suite or grill. I think they are the ones who just tell fibs to get up your nose. They are also the ones who are so rude to the staff, I think it is the way they enjoy themselves, Glad they don't live near me.
  22. I would just like to say we booked two cruises last October, the Cunard one we could have got the stateroom for a lot less, like the people on this cruise kept telling us the booked six weeks ago and got the cruise for half what we paid, however the cruise with P and O we booked in October, has gone up by a third, and still seems to be going up, never known that befor and this will be over 30 past cruises.
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