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  1. I think your thinking of super breaks, they did rail and hotel offer. I am not sure if they are still going
  2. I booked this package my self direct with Holiday Inn, yes train times are only available up to August but the timetable will then go to winter times, so I booked the package, £145 and have a ref number, when the train times are published I will contact the hotel with the time of arrival For us the trains to Southampton are at least hourly, So can't see a problem. hope this helps
  3. On this topic, we have booked a train cruise and stay package at Holiday Inn for our cruise in December, the weather could be anything at time of year, the package is taxi pick up from the station, to the hotel, taxi to the terminal and pick up from the terminal back to station. With room and breakfast. I am sure others have done this, but it is a first for us.
  4. We are booked on Aurora in December, and May 2019, We had an email, plus a letter. from P and O saying that after the refit in March Aurura would be adults only. Doing away with the kids club buildings I wonder what they will do maybe more cabins, I hope they don't spoil that pool area. Because its adult only doesn't mean you only get older passengers cruising these days attracts all ages, in my experience
  5. This seems to rumble on, If you go out for a meal with friends or family and we are paying the bill, never has anybody said did you leave a tip? So why. Is so much made about tips or auto grays? We reward service that we feel was good more if outstanding, but one mans good service is not the same as another's, just my opinion
  6. A few years ago we paid auto grants for 4 year old grandchild I understand that for a family with two young children have to pay four lots of tips, I don't think this is correct, you don't pay for the service to children yes kids club you may well tip, if your children are very happy to go.
  7. How people tip/reward good service in my opinion is up to them, I am so fed up with a, the posts who claim they pay by auto grays. Or reward in cash. Is nothing to do with others. I do have a couple of friends who worked on. Cruise ships they say they did not a cash bonus at the end of each cruise, they also had to pool money given to them on the last evening of each cruise. They had a bonus at the end of the contract usually about £1000 so that was over a nine month stint. We pay our tips in Cash the day befor the last sea day, so none of the senior staff know anything about i
  8. I doubt you can gain points, I know from this year your P and O points can't be crossed over to Princess last year our P and O points were taken into account, and your princess points were half the value with P and O. our last Princess Magazine said that all crossover points would stop.
  9. I thought I was.forward planning booking a cruise for 2019 all the cruise for this year were booked last year, the price we paid is over a grand less than the advertised price now, so it does pay to think ahead but 2022 maybe a bridge too far, only my opinion off cause. The world situation may prevent certain destinations
  10. Can you really compare one cruise line with another, I don't think you can compare one ship with another, you have so many anomalies ports, weather, people, crew, stateroom, food, I could go on and on. i was once told, your best cruise is the one your on, because all the others, are in the past.
  11. In our experience Cunard don't get as many moaners funny enough never had any moaners on the QE2 I think a lot of moaners are very regular cruisers with P and O I think that's how they get the enjoyment from the cruise, maybe they think it makes them look like they are high rollers when in fact they are not, or ever have been. just my opinion
  12. When is Ventura in for refit? And why did it take so long to embark?
  13. This thread is like How much did you pay. as I have said before, you pay your money, you take your choice, If you think the cruise is worth the money for you, book it, if it's more than you want to pay don't book it does not matter one mans over priced is another mans good value
  14. Not every day on cruise is warm enough to have a sun bed all, so why pay before you sail? what works for land base holiday, would not work on cruise, just my opinion
  15. I hate big ships, so will not be booking on the new big ones, and I know lots of others who avoid it. After many many years of cruising maybe our days are numbered unless we go to the other lines who have smaller ships that sail from Southampton, It won't be overnight that this will happen so I will not worry yet
  16. One of the cruises we sailed on had gone up over £1000 each from when we booked the year before, so booking near to sailing date would not have saved us any money. Far from it, it would have cost a lot more, and less on board credits So as they say pays your money takes your choice? We did book this years cruises, last year, but have not yet looked at 2019.
  17. I use a debit card, so avoid the credit card extra charge, so now we will all have to pay a booking fee, or some other extra cost, All will pay one way or another, so looks like bad news all round.
  18. I have a large plastic box with lid I keep in the suit case , 1st aid kit, sewing Kit, little touch, travel clock, washing capsules, (in a soap box) plastic bags, screw driver, for mending glasses arms, note book with phone numbers, passport details credit card numbers and the phone numbers for the reporting of lost or stolen to this box I add chargers and having bought a pack of coat hangers from the pound shop. That works for me/us
  19. Country girl when are you sailing in May? Because we have one booked for the Med in May.
  20. It all depends how much you all drink, for us it would not be worth the money, I have seen people have brandy with breakfast to get there money's worth, if as you say 6 people in your group that's a .lot of money unless you all drink quite a lot, this is not judgemental just a fact. Happy holiday
  21. The waiting list is for anybody in a three birth cabin to cancel you would then be offered that cabin, so could be short notice, you maybe better looking at another cruise line.
  22. We have three cruises booked for 2018 on ships we know and by and large ports we know, Having said that we have booked the new year cruise I have never done this before . From what friends tell me it is formal four nights, I don't have a problem with that, unless it's not then I could have the wrong things, would love to hear from others who have done this short festive cruise
  23. I think you said once Davybe that your wife was unwell, so can understand that the N/V was rampant on board could be a problem but after a deep clean, a little delay in embarking is a small price to pay, and I'm sure you will all be looked after in the terminal I for one thought the idea of taking antibacterial wipes on a cruise was silly when I read a post from somebody but maybe not such a silly idea, for things like the telephone and cord light switches etc
  24. I am sure all will be well, and you will have a wonderful time, just keep washing your hands and avoid the dirty people who don't wash there hands. it is good you know the ship is having a good deep clean, other cruise line would not you, so good for P and O
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