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  1. Hi to all the regular forum members cruising seems to be starting up again I have booked a cruise with my Grandson next year having lost my husband thought I should make the cruise different so doing a fly cruise to Malta just 7 nights it’s a start I think things are different I see the Captains cocktail party is going to be remote so all done over the PA anybody experienced this yet
  2. I could not in this forum, having done many posts I was a bit upset, In my last post I told you my husband had a terminal illness well he was ill for six weeks than sadly died in October. now I will have to brave and think about cruising on my own, I know a lot of you do this, but the idea terrifies me.
  3. Thank you all so much for kind words It does mean a lot, funny we all seem to know each other quite well, maybe we have met in past on our voyages we have all done so many I think maybe they were the peak time when it was extra special
  4. Very sadly my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer two weeks ago quite advanced so no cruises or holidays for us so no posts from me I can’t contemplate what will happen in the near future yet alone anything else. so to the regular posters I say happy holidays,
  5. I think Princess will get rid the diamond after the bad publicity when the corona virus made the headlines I can’t see anybody would have confidence sailing on her, I am sorry to see cruise ships going but has anybody said anything about all the new ships on order, Cunard new ship was coming into service next year, but that’s been mentioned or I have not seen anything.
  6. You will be able to still use Bolsover you cruise credit will show up on your cruise history page If your over 70 just make sure you can get cruise insurance if you don’t mind me saying, as this can be a problem
  7. Thank you HLM I do worry that lots of people want to just forget about coronavirus think they think oh it won’t affect me well I know it could infect anyone.
  8. When I put this question on the forum it was four weeks ago, We are not any clearer now, what with quarantine for anybody coming into the country, er horse and gate come to mind the insurance situation which I understand has gone up unless your renewal with a company you have used before. then the situation of confusion and confidence of booking we had a three night booking for Brighton next month, which we have cancelled because I saw what it was like last week with so many people packed like sardines on the beach many of you will think I am just wimpish but I do worry when w
  9. Are you sure you have the date! we always go starboard, have done the Caribbean twice, one in March, and once in late September the September weather was the best, March we had a lot of rain have a nice time.
  10. Jenjen

    Cruise Refund

    Difficult times I know, We have been very lackey and got our money back. from what I understand Carnival want to transfer your refund to another cruise maybe next year! Im still getting lots of emails about booking a cruise next year, perhaps they want to fill there coffers, befor paying out, which is why they are at anchor in Weymouth bay, so not paying docking fees.
  11. According to our local news Ventura are sailing to India to collect crew ?? Maybe fake news, So many stories flying about, think a lot is guess work.
  12. As I understand P&O and Cunard are looking to start sailing from 1st August I think this has its problems with ports who may or not lets ships dock I think HLM is quite correct
  13. They were all on google trending, the question was what we can expect from overseas travel it was about three days age owt I find that the travel industry has ideas above its economy because let’s face it Us holiday makers bring lots of money into areas which have nothing much else. Just my opinion
  14. From reading what travel people are saying, nobody wants anybody from the UK unless you have proof they have documented evidence they are in good health, and have had the coronavirus vaccine, which has not yet been developed for mass market. cruise lines will not be able to offer anything self service, and have social distancing! Oh trouble with sunloungers May be in the shade! As for getting insurance, well that’s going to a problem as so many disclaimers will it all settle down, when tourists are the main income in a lot of places ? Interesting situation. just my own dil
  15. On the subject of insurance we were going to Mallorca next week for a land base getaway we insure with Staysure, usually a annual policy, but this year we took single trip, as we did not have a cruise booked and because of the situation we are in now just had single trip cover, spoke to them today, because we are not able to go, they have put the cover on hold for 12 months, which in my book is very good, because we could have lost our money, the flights and hotel have given us a refund. I have only posted this, because I think they are a good company
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