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  1. Has anyone been in the outside obstructed view cabins on deck 8 at the back. What are they like..?
  2. jollyjohn

    Music in cabin

    We have been with p & o quite a few times and the in cabin must c used to be varied and good. Now we turn it off as it is only Motown and similar. I wish they would go back to the request programme on an evening at 6pm. when you could phone in for requests while getting ready to go out for the evening. Anybody feel the same?
  3. we have booked a cruise to see the northern lights next February, has anybody any tips on what clothing would be best to take?
  4. I miss the band as well but I miss the evening request programme on the ships TV on P and O cruises. It was done 12 months ago but we have been on a couple of cruises since and not had it.
  5. Does anyone out there miss the evening music requests with P&O ships. We used to be avid listeners on the cabin TV between 6 and 7.30pm every sailing day evening. P and O seem to have stopped doing this, what a shame! Does anybody agree with me?
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