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  1. Again thank you, the more I ready about it the more I want to go.
  2. Thank you, I really want to go but the other half needs some further persuasion ⚓
  3. I was wondering if anyone can help me out with some further advice. I know more and more Cruise lines are now taking in this destination, and its somewhere me and my partner want to go to but don’t fancy a hotel stay. Has anyone been on a cruise yet that can enlighten me further.
  4. I can remember the press reports when this story came out. Apparently, Ed was just mingling with the other passengers whilst on board, makes you wonder how many knew who he was. Ill defiantly watch this documentary just as much for the music as the ship. If he gets another Gold Disk, and let be honest this is almost a guarantee with anything he realises, he might even donate it to QM2.
  5. We took advantage of the drinks package on board our Fred Olsen Sailing which was mainly Brits on board and there were no issues relating to alcohol, but Fred dose attract an older clientele. The fact P&O now restrict the amount of alcohol you can take on board highlights that they may be concerned about the leaves certain passengers are drinking, no one wants to be stuck on a cruise with drunk troublesome guests. If it is something they’ll look at it I don’t believe it would be offered on the “Short Break Sailings” aka Party Cruises. Maybe they could trial it on the Adult Only ships f
  6. It’s that time again, I love booking holidays but hate shopping around for travel insurance. Having done a few cruises now and knowing what I need to look out for, I’m aware that some travel insurers do not offer cruise holiday cover as standard, and some don’t offer it at all. I wasn’t aware though that the actual figures for this are that only 56% of the current single trip policies available to choose from include cover for cruise travel as standard. It only goes up to 59% when looking to take out annual policies. A few years ago, I was fortunate for someone to mention this
  7. P&O Cruises haven’t even completed their new ship yet and already Meghan Markel is being highly tipped to be the new Godmother. This of course is all speculative now and time will tell if the new Princess will christen the new ship?
  8. I think they must have stopped them, nothing in the new brochure and it seems like they are just concentrating on the “strictly Come Dancing” and “Food Heroes”
  9. Last year's BBC series Blue Planet II heralded a change in attitude amongst many on the impact of plastic on marine life, with footage showing animals injured or killed by plastic in the ocean. The UK Government said it is considering a ban on plastic straws and other items, such as plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds. I hope the cruise lines are going to make significant changes on board for example an estimated 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year and they play a part in this. Thoughts on how else they can contribute to make a change? Presenter David Attenboroug
  10. This sounds like a brilliant idea, I’m surprise none other the other lines have introduced as system like this yet. The only worry is I hope you don’t get any random call outs like Amazons Alexa, when it started laughing out loud for no reason. Wouldn’t fancy that at night in a cabin.
  11. Cancellation charges will always be a sore point especially with the America Lines as we have different booking conditions to other regions. I don’t think anyone would book a holiday just to cancel it, so if they are in that position must be for a reason and that when the charges hit the most. For me this just re-enforces the need to have adequate travel insurance in place from the time of booking. Yes, I do think other lines will follow suit.
  12. Killing two birds with one stone springs to mind, but I’m not sure how this would work. I’ve been on a River Cruise and part of the charm was the Long ship that cruised and berthed directly in the cities, I can’t imagine how their Ocean Vessels would cope with this. This is purely personal but I like to keep my Ocean cruises on the Ocean and River Cruises on the River.
  13. I don’t mind admitting I’m a Cruise Junky and no amount of therapy will change me. Much to my inboxes annoyance I must receive emails daily from all the cruise companies, normally I just take a quick look and file in the bin if not relevant to me, I’d hate to miss out on anything. The last few weeks I have been receiving prompts to reconfirm my details I order to keep receiving communications, this apparently is due to a change in the UK Privacy Law? I’ll be honest if I don’t want to receive something I just unsubscribe, but was wondering if this was being sent out to everyone &
  14. It wouldn’t be good for anyones health if I had to model
  15. The Beatles Museum, the Cavern Club, the shops just a few things, but Liverpool is about music and football you can't escape either.
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