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    We have been on Azura Caribbean cruise a couple of times and loved them both, I hope she gets her refit as booked to go again in November and I see from the new listings that this will be her last season out in the Caribbean. Which is a shame as I notice that a few of the nicer islands have gone, ie Tortola. We also did one on the old Adonia which I must say really liked the small ship. We are trying the staycation cruise on Britannia in June so will have to see what the big ones are like! will be nice to relax at sea again, unless I ghet cold feet and change my mind!!
  2. Yes that's probably right, never thought of that. Lets hope for the best.
  3. I was just coming on to say that she's still in Southampton, but then I have seen your replies, thank you. That's such a shame that its not being done I know its probably the money but you would think that it was all in place and they would of had more time to do the work in this situation. Do you think cruises will go ahead in the future now that social distancing looks like its going to be around a long time? And do you think we would be able to actually stop off at the ports of call?
  4. Thanks Midshipman, that would be good to find out as we were looking forward to an up dated interior as Azura is a favourite but was beginning to look tired in places. It might be another reason to hold the cruise if the ship is still going to look like she needs a make over!
  5. Hi, we are booked on Azura in November, like all of you wondering if this will go ahead or if it does will it be best to wait a while? But my main question would any one know if the planed re-fit is going ahead in April ? They would have plenty of time to finish!
  6. That's really good to know. Any other tips let me know. Thank you. Have you ever sailed on Aurora?
  7. Thanks Davybe, it's good to know weather is good down there as that was the idea. I picked this one as an over night in Madera and always wanted to go. Other wise probably gone earlier. Austin
  8. Thank you, I did think of that but was hoping for the best. Fingers crossed!
  9. Hi I have cruised before but not to Canaries. I booked on P&Os Arura ( does any one know how the up grade turned out?) My question is . Is the weather ok in Dec or should I may be change to an October cruise.
  10. Hi, we are sailing in September, calling in to Livorno. The question is, is Livorno an interesting town in its self as I know we should see Florence but don't really fancy 3 hours out of the day getting there and back. Any tips on both towns would be good. Thanks
  11. thanks quarter master that will be very helpfull
  12. Hi, Its been a while since I've been on the forum, but wondering if any one has a few tips for our Med cruise in September, regarding getting the train into Rome. And in Naples is it easy to get the ferry over to Ischia? Also when in Malta does any one know if you can get a catamaran trip around the island? As there wasn't any being offered on the cruise excursions. Many thanks
  13. Glad to hear nice things about a P&o ship. I'm going on a mimic cruise on Ventura with my family. We have cruised before but first time for my daughter so glad it sounds good. We have always had a lovely time on P&o ships. So if your new to cruising just enjoy yourself as you don't have anything to compare it with.
  14. Thank you for all your good advice.
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