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  1. We actually booked a cruise on Adonia whilst on board Arcadia last week and the staff there did not even know!!!! Managed to change it but agree more adult only ships needed. Come on P & O listen to your customers- Arcadia is always full.......
  2. Our travel insurance covers us for any missed ports of call. Check your travel insurance.
  3. Someone mentioned the delight the cabin staff showed when they tipped directly. Well just to inform people - any tips received in cash must be declared by the staff member. Also all staff know who opt out of the automatic tipping scheme. Last time we asked our cabin steward what he would prefer and he said it made no difference because of this. So we stay in the scheme but tip extra in the hope he may get a tiny bit extra because of that!!
  4. Hi David, I have only just discovered this forum although I've used Bolsover several times. I think we are already speaking on cruise critic. I'm 'excited one' !! We have booked similar tours so it will be interesting to compare. See you very soon. Jackie
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