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  1. this was the email received from P&O New, from May 2019, no discretionary daily Service Charge We take huge pride in giving you a holiday that's truly memorable and our team on board is committed to providing exceptional service. From May 2019 (cruises A911, B912, E911/A, J903, N910, R907, X907 and all thereafter), the discretionary daily Service Charge on board will be removed so you can relax knowing it’s all taken care of. Changes like this do take a little bit of time to put in place, and so for holidays which depart before May, a discretionary daily Service Char
  2. We only had a few hours in Dubai last year so didn't have time to go up the Khalifa. We saw it from the bottom and the dancing fountains which were breathtaking. Afternoon tea sounds lovely at the Burj Al Arab. Will look into that. Thank you for the suggestion.
  3. We are visiting Dubai for three days (two of which are before we join the ship). What are the "must sees" please? We saw the Burj Khalifa and dancing fountains last year.
  4. Our first cruise, in 2008 was for our 40th. Wedding anniversary and we booked through a travel agent (shop) in town. Several people we spoke to on that cruise recommended Bolsover and we decided to give them a try for our second cruise. We have never looked back. We had planned, three years ago now to go to Egypt but with the unrest in the area, P&O changed the itinerary(quite understandably) meaning that several of the special places we had planned to visit were taken off. I contacted P&O (can't think why but I emailed them directly) and we were told we could move our deposit to anoth
  5. It depends if you are "good travellers" but we always book a cabin that is midships and lower down where there is less swell and the ship is more stable. We also avoid being over a bar or theatre (noise at night and/or rehearsal times). Depending on the itinerary we choose, we like to overlook the "land" side of the ship. We would also avoid being under/above or too near a launderette. Gosh, that makes us sound very picky, but these are just points that we consider when choosing our cabin. Valerie.
  6. On recent cruises, P&O have stopped having passengers assemble of board and then escorting them to the dockside. We have been asked to meet on the dockside at a set time (usually about 30mins from the departure time of the tour). Plenty of P&O personnel to guide and direct you to the right coach.
  7. It's really easy. You arrive, unload the car and your luggage is taken away for you. Then they check your car over give you an identification ticket and drive the car away. No problem.
  8. We had a similar problem a couple of years ago. It happens when there is a grain delivery at the docks. Made the mistake of trying to wash it off with small bottles of water and it turned to glue. We now carry a very soft hand brush in the boot in case it happens again. This is more effective as a temporary measure till you get home.
  9. Does anyone know what the average temperature is likely to be in the Eastern Med. during November please?
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