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  1. Thought that I had looked!! Will try again. thanks.
  2. Pmr

    First timer

    I am getting very conflicting views on gratuities. Some people telling us to get envelopes instead of the fixed gratuity. Comments please.
  3. We have booked a fly cruise for July next year and would love any tips on Cunard please.
  4. Apparently we have 5kilo's each carry on luggage . Does this include handbags?
  5. What about formal evenings? Will be popping in to BC club shortly.
  6. Need to travel in late November as our anniversary is on the 25th. We are thinking that we would like a balcony to sit and e joy our G&T's! Unsure re decks etc although we do like quiet.
  7. In November 2017 we will be celebrating our golden wedding., looking at P&O Aurora as it actually covers the exact date. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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