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  1. Hi sammysun, Two other river cruises were with Titan & Saga, both were obviously with chartered boats. Chartered or not the standard was very good & I would not hesitate to recommend them. The attraction to these companies they drive you to the airport. The first was on the river Elbe , started in Prague & finished in Wittenburg, then 3 days in Berlin. The second was on the Danube, started in Budapest, finished in Vienna,great holidays both.
  2. I didn't realise my review should be longer, having just joined this group. The visa for Russia was very comprehensive .If you are prepared to give Viking £80 they will email you a complete visa application forms. This consists of many questions. You complete this on line & submit . They then check all your answers . Anything incorrect you can then resubmit. Viking then give you a date to attend a Russian embassy agency in London or Manchester, this is to have your fingerprints taken. A few weeks later your passport arrives by post with a visa inside. You can of course do it yourself b
  3. Flew to St Petersburg ( BA) . Russian immigration officers polite & happy. Luggage taken by Viking staff to our cabin. The cabin was spacious , excellent bathroom . Bottles of water in cabin, replaced when empty (free). Food excellent although I think the waiters could do with some training on service. Tours excellent, most were free. Holiday ended in Moscow, I wanted to see what Russia was really like & I was pleasantly surprised. We visited a school & the children acted as guides ( spoke perfect English )! We visited a typical Russian home where we were made very welcome. Mosc
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