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  1. Christmas dinner - can't wait!!!!
  2. I had a superior deluxe cabin on Venture Fly med this year and it was great, loads of extra space, would definitely do this again.
  3. I would definitely have balcony every time, saves having to hunt for sunbeds on sea days!!!
  4. I love it, and think it's far better without Bruce.
  5. I've never had a problem using the obc, same as previous comments, normally get perfume and what about the handbags!!!!!
  6. I agree with Rayo, I think he's from a soap but can't think which one!
  7. I agree, they do make it very entertaining.
  8. Just returned from one of the Fly/med cruises on Ventura and what a fantastic cruise. Flew out from Birmingham to Venice, early start leaving at 6.30 am but this meant we were on board by 11.00 and back off the ship into Venice for a good few hours before we set sail. Next port of call was Kotor, then Corfu, Rome. Corsica and Genoa. The itinerary was great, every port had something different to offer, and the sail into Kotor through the fjord was breathtaking. We chose a superior deluxe cabin which was really light and airy and all the added luxuries like champagne, chocolates, bath robes and
  9. Just come back from Ventura cruise and the photos for the formal nights were £18.50 each!!!!! I do think that if they were cheaper more people would probably purchase them.
  10. I think its is down to personal choice, but agree with the saying 'better safe than sorry'.
  11. looby lou


    Would love to cruise on Britannia, waiting to see if any specail offers become available next year!
  12. I love trying all the different types of food onboard, and visiting the speciality dining venues - it's all part of the holiday!!
  13. It's also good to see different presenters being used instead of the same old faces.
  14. I'm with you showgirl, we just got back from Ventura, checkin in etc was so well organised and no waiting for luggage, it all went straight to our cabin, and even though our cabin wasn't ready were were allowed to leave our hand luggage in there as well.
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