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    How much did you pay???!!

    I have never been asked this question Yet! And would hate it if somebody did. What a way to spoil a holiday for someone by bragging about your "cheap deal". I cannot book late as my husband is disabled, so we need an accessible cabin, which as there are so few on the ships, I need to book early. I do work with someone who is always bragging about the cheap deals they get, which I find depressing and tedious. We find booking early gives us a lot of time to look forward to our cruises. Sometimes I think that booking late does not always mean 'cheap' as sometimes the price goes up and benefits drop. Also you the only cabins left may be in naff parts of the ship.
  2. I am very unhappy at the decision to sell Adonia, as I had booked a cruise on her in July 2018. Managed to move my booking to another Ship, but I am still unhappy, as now the new booking feels like second best. I too think they should have honoured all the cruises up until the end of the 2018 brochure.  Could have been worse I suppose look at Ryan Air and Monach.


  3. mundac

    Disabled Travellers

    My husband is disabled and we always try to take his small electric Scooter and manual wheelchair on cruises. (Some of the tours only allow a manual wheelchair on the buses) I think the Celebrity Eclipse is one of the best boats for disabled people. We have been on it four times. They also seem to accommodate more than one Scooter per disabled cabin, as you can keep one or even two in their disabled cabins (as they are quite large). You can also park a scooter near the lifts, as there is space to do so and Celebrity do not seem to mind. On our last cruise we saw two ladies in large scooters who were using the same disabled cabin. The Eclipse is is about one of the few boats that seems to allow more than one wheelchair per cabin. The disabled cabins also have an automatic door making it very easy to get in and out of the cabins. Most boats only have manual opening cabin doors, which as you can be very awkward to open if you are in a wheelchair. The Eclipse is a beautiful boat and is reasonably priced. We always book a year in advance because there are very few disabled cabins on all the cruise boats. If you leave it to the last moment you will find there will not be any disabled cabins available and ordinary cabins are really small. Also most of the cruise companies will insist you store the wheelchairs in the cabin. You will get a form form the cruise operator asking for the weight and dimensions of the scooters and wheelchairs, when you book. You will not be allowed on the boats without organising this with them. We booked our last cruise on the Celebrity 6 months before departure and all we could only get was a standard cabin balcony cabin. We could not afford the only disabled "cabin" they had left as it was a junior disabled suite. Our cabin was also a long way from the lifts. The door of the cabin was also too narrow for the manual wheelchair, and my husband's electric scooter, which is about the smallest you can get, could just about clear the sides of the door. We managed to store the manual wheelchair when it was folded and the scooter in the cabin. However, there was not a lot of space to manoeuvre in the cabin. N.B. We have been on other ships e.g. Princess, P & O, Cunard and this year we are going with Fred Olsen. We choose the destinations rather than the cruise company. The Celebrity Eclipse sails from Southampton, and as I said for it's standard (4 Star Plus) it is quite good value for money. The ship is very disabled friendly. There was nowhere my husband could not go on his scooter. However, all prices on board are in USD, which is the same as most of the cruise companies these days. P&O, Fred Olson and Cruise and Maritime are about the few companies still operating in GBP on board. Even Cunard now owned by Carnival Cruises charges in USD on board. We never risk a last minute deal. One reason is I still work and another is that there will not be any disabled cabins left. Anyway not all last minute deals are as good value as you think. If you book early many cruise companies give you a discount and include free parking, "free" onboard spends and drinks packages. You also get to chose the sitting time you prefer and the cabin position on the boat. N.B. Most Disabled cabins are near the lifts. If you leave it too late you will not get what you really want or need. The larger ships are more disabled friendly than the smaller ones. Even though Fred Olsen boats are small and not as luxurious as more modern boats like the Celebrity Eclipse, Fred Olsen cruises are quite expensive. As I said we are going for the destination rather than the beauty of the boat. We have also booked a weekend break on the Columbus (Cruise and Maritime) for next year. The Columbas is offering a buy one get one passenger free deal. However, we are only allowing us to take one wheelchair. We will be taking the manual one as the boat is quite small, and although so my husband has walking difficulties, as he had a stroke 8 years ago and is paralyzed on his right side, he should be able to manage walking short distances with his stick. I will use the manual one for visits ashore. I realise that this would be difficult for you both. We book through a cruise agent called Bolsover, who will find out all the information for you without you needing to ring round. The also offer small discounts for booking with them and do not charge any more then going to the cruise companies direct. Please get back to me if you want more information. Kind regards, Cathy