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  1. Some years ago we went on a pre cruise land tour of India and nobody in the party got sick. However within a couple of days of boarding in Mumbai the men in the party started to drop like flies, my husband included. We followed instructions and contacted the sick bay who were brilliant, they came in a couple of times a day during his enforced cabin stay and all medication was supplied at no charge. The worst thing for us was the amount of people on board with really bad colds - often you would sit near to someone who would sneeze and cough all over the place so by the time we got to Australia
  2. It's a global problem both on land and at sea. The only way I see to solve it is if we, the people who can't get a sunbed because of someone else's selfishness, are prepared to remove the towels (after a reasonable time) and suffer the possible onslaught of abuse.
  3. If we travel on Princess we get free wifi but with other companies we never buy any as the connection is so slow. I may be one of a minority that do not feel the need to have 24/7 contact with people so it is not a problem for me. We do sometimes connect in a port - especially if there is a McDonalds nearby as they are normally free
  4. Princess always come round with jugs of iced water at the start and throughout the meal - I often have to tell them I am allergic to it!
  5. I agree that formal nights are not so formal as fewer men wearing dinner suits which I think is a shame because they do all look nice in them. I personally always dress up and if you have bought evening wear then you should wear it - you will certainly feel good. I always encourage my husband to wear his dinner suit never mind what everyone else is doing. I just hope the day never comes when the formal, black and white and theme nights are replaced by casual wear. When we first started cruising about 12 years ago I remember that gentlemen not wearing suitable attire would not be admitted to ce
  6. Smart casual, especially somewhere hot, would be open neck shirt and smart trousers.
  7. Whenever we have done a fly cruise we have never paid the extra for prebooking seats and have always been seated together. I think most airlines will always try to accommodate you.
  8. Anyone else going on this cruise? We are in Miami the night before.
  9. I like the desserts best but they are my undoing! One cruise I went on I would tell the waiter which course I thought sounded the best but he always said that something else was better so I would try that. However, in his wisdom he would also bring me my first choice and you can all imagine what happened. The one dessert I hate is the Baked Alaska served on Princess - first you have to endure them being walked around the dining room then you are expected to choose it for dessert - ugh.
  10. We normally have bottled water in the cabin, sorry stateroom, but drink tap water in the restaurants. I don't think I have ever had concerns about the water.
  11. We quite often go to the Main Dining Room for breakfast in a bid not too eat too much. I have never been told to finish the toast on a table and to be quite honest I would be horrified if it was suggested. We sometimes go in for afternoon tea and on the last cruise which was Princess the head waiter tried very hard to perfect cucumber sandwiches for me - couldn't quite get it though. I even offered to show him how it was done - all good fun. Sometimes we may want to sit on our own and normally can do so without too much of a wait.
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