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  1. Indeed, I wonder if we will see an increase in 'up selling' on cruises, I note that you can buy exclusive access to the Retreat and other additional costs areas now. I hope certain key elements become 'extra'. I really don't wish to moan as overall I couldn't recommend cruising enough to anyone that will listen :-)
  2. Thank you for the welcome and comments. As long as P&O continue to offer cruises / ships catered towards the traditional market I don't see any issues. I must admit however I don't like it when I see people not respecting the traditional values such as dress code. Change is invetiable, especially when the industry is more competitive than ever, I don't blame any company that makes changes to keep up with rivals. The hard bit is changing enough to appeal to a wider market while keeping as much of the essence of cruising as possible.
  3. Thank you for your comments, very useful. I have no doubt my daughters will love the entertainment and overall cruise experience. I'm slightly disappointed with the pricing policy though for children over 2, I will just need to weigh up the value for money. It would be helpful P&O had a clear pricing policy e.g 0-2 is free, 2-15 is 10% of full price adult. It won't put me off a family holiday but probably means I have downgrade certain elements to afford it, no excursions, balcony and on-board spending etc
  4. I am looking into cruising with my 2 young children for the first time (3 month old and 3 year old) I have heard many different versions about the initial price of infants and children. What have you been charged for these ages ranges? Have you cruised with children on an inside cabin? Does it feel too crowded? Thank you
  5. The moment I stepped on-board Aurora in 2003 to experience my first ever cruise I knew it was going to suit me. Being relatively young at the time I must admit I was a little unsure whether it would appeal to my age group. I am now 31 and have cruised many times since, I have converted my wife to cruising and I am soon to cruise for the first time with my young daughters. Over the last ten years I have definitely noticed a shift in the age demographic of passengers, attitudes towards cruising and how cruises are advertised / targeted. I personally think all this is very positive thing,
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