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  1. Debs2010

    Precise cruise details

    Cruise mapper gives the times of arrival and departure of cruise ships in ports. Its good to see what other shipps are in port at the same time. http://www.cruisemapper.com/ports
  2. Debs2010

    How much did you pay???!!

    Quite right. Just be happy that you are fortunate to have a holiday and enjoy yourself rather than worrying what others have paid.
  3. Debs2010


    We've used Explorer Travel Insurance. Excellent price considering my husbands health conditions.
  4. Debs2010


    It should be an individual's decision what to do -eveyones circumstances should be respected and it is what you feel comfortable with.
  5. We love to be able to dine when we want. We are on holiday and want to relax and do as we please.
  6. Debs2010

    Premium economy with Thomson

    We have flown Premium Economy with Thompson several times and have been satisfied on each occasion. The last time was in March. The food was excellent and also the service. The seats are comfortable and plenty of leg room. If you are reserving seats and want a windows please be aware that seat 7 A does not have a windows.
  7. Hi We are travelling on 10 March 2017 and received our cabin allocation exactly 4 weeks before .
  8. Debs2010

    Azura Caribbean- WOW!

    Enjoyed your review. We were on the Azura in May and enjoyed our holiday. We dined several times in the Beach House and we as worth the supplement. We are going to the Caribbean in March but will be on Britannia. When you went to the Boatyard in Barbados - did you use a taxi and also in St Marteen to Maho beach. We have never been to the Caribean before. Did you use USA dollars for currency?