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  1. I too could give a perspective on a future cruise on a different cruise line that is costing me less than P&O, and includes drinks and gratuities but it's irrelevant to this topic, it won't be too long before P&O fall in line with the rest of the Carnival group.
  2. I also got the e-mail about the increase in gratuities. I am by no means tight with my money as I usually pay up and give extra to the cabin steward & waiters but my thoughts on this is that perhaps P&O have raised the amount because more people are having them removed from their on board account. I am going on the Britannia later this year and I will think about how I pay gratuities, would I pay £84 tips if I stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks? Perhaps its time for P&O to have a rethink.
  3. Thank you for your replies, as soon as I get flight details I will book hotel and parking.
  4. Hi everybody, I'm flying out from Gatwick Airport in November this year to join Britannia in St Lucia, never flown from there before, so I hoped some fellow cruisers could help by letting me know which terminal I go from ( if there's more than one), and the nearest hotel with parking. Hopefully I can use Avios miles to pay for the hotel. Over to you now.
  5. I cruised on P&O over Christmas and the New Year, I heard all sorts of discussions among fellow passengers regarding tips on your account, some of which weren't glowing with praise. I asked for clarification at the customer services desk and was told that gratuities were shared between your cabin steward & regular waiters, as I had been allocated freedom dining I asked if it was shared between all the waiters in the dining roomI had to use, this seemed to be a difficult question as I was referred to the previous answer. I did ask my cabin steward about tips and very reluctantly he said
  6. Thanks Cruise Chef, I 've just checked the itinerary in case I had got the stops wrong, but I hadn't. I will have a look on the internet for info about Corinta & Cartegena.
  7. Hi Sammy Sun, thanks for your post, I will try the eating places you recommended, I'm looking forward to my first cruise on NCL as I always enjoy meeting other cruisers of different nationalities.
  8. Hi everyone out there, I'm doing the Panama Canal cruise in November and wondered if anyone else had done it? Looking at the trips, there aren't any being shown for either Nicaragua or Columbia (the latter I'm dubious about wandering about on my own). Any input would be appreciated, also, opinions about the Jewel, but seeing as its paid for now I suppose it's too late to worry about any bad reviews. Previously I have only cruised on P&O and Princess. Looking forward to any replies.
  9. Hi everyone, this is my first post on here. I've been on P&Os Azura and I believe that C deck has larger balconies, thinking of booking on Britannia and wondered if the decks are the same?
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