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  1. We have cruised p&o and Cunard. Have left auto grats on. Also tip the cabin steward at the beginning of the cruise. Why wait till the end ? You might get better service and a good rapport with your steward.. Also gives you the opportunity to be friendly - share the love !! A kind word or smile will go along way. Clare
  2. Thank you. I can't swim ! But my friend is booked on the turtle trip. Do you know if it's possible to walk into town from the cruise port ? Many thanks. Clare
  3. Hi all. We are overnighting in Barbados. Is there anything that's a must do, organised or independently ? Thanks. Clare
  4. Thankyou. I must be looking in the wrong place, I can't find any pictures. Clare
  5. Hi everyone. Has anyone got any images of this cabin ? Thanks Clare
  6. Hi everyone. Does anyone know roughly when Arcadia might be decorated for Christmas ? Thanks Clare
  7. I have just returned from Oriana short trip to Bruges and Amsterdam. Whilst docked at Zeebrugge we took the trip to Tynn cot cemetary and the Menin gate. These moaners should count their blessings they were not one of the many thousands slaughtered on 12october 2017 for our freedoms . Clare
  8. Hi everyone. I have been told we will have a dreamliner from gatwick to st lucia. Looking on the Thomson website there seem to be various configurations 2-4-2 and 3-3-3. I was told by p&o we would be 3-3-3 but I can't find a map anywhere. Can you help ? Or advise good / bad seats please. We are 3 travelling and all vertically challenged !! Nothing left in premium, I've just checked. Thanks Clare
  9. Britannia for me. Love the extra space including the quieter area on deck near the front of the ship enjoy, whatever you choose
  10. We did a galley tour on Azura in august. £25pp including a 3 course meal. Really interesting and worth every penny. Took just under 3 hours over a lunchtime. Clare
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