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  1. Yes its you (LOL) No you are quite right, the whole new P&O website is poor as is the online booking system(compared to before) goodness knows how much they spent on that, yet some highly paid suits must have signed it off.
  2. Agree entirely, but we like the more robust luggage labels the same as you, and we do find it easier looking at possible shore excursions with the booklet rather than a computer screen, and my printer isn't the best so I dont really want to print a dozen pages. You're right of course about the green issue
  3. We have noticed on the new 'My P&O Cruises website' (that replaces cruise personaliser).The default for Select price customers with regard to the cruise information/on shore excursion brochure is that this WILL NOT be sent in the post to you unless you tick the 'DO REQUIRE THIS BROCHURE IN THE POST' box. In cruise personaliser the default was that you received the brochure in the mail unless you opted to go green and agreed to print your own (if required). If anyone has an outstanding cruise and requires this brochure in the post, you will need to go to MY P&O CRUISES' and make s
  4. It seems to be becoming very rare to book a cruise with P & O without getting a subsequent itinerary change (usually advised at the last minute). Is anyone else getting this or are we just unlucky. It is very annoying particularly when the excuse is 'no berth available' We need to know because if it is just unlucky, I need to cancel my lottery ticket.
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