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  1. We've not long come back from Caribbean cruise on azure, with an inside cabin, with a 6 & 2 yr old and I guess it feels crowded when showering the children but once we'd washed them and put them in kids club the room was fine - at the end of the day it's just a base to sleep in IMO. We've booked to go xmas 2017 and for our currently unborn child we're being charged £149 (baby will be approx. 15 months by then) and like others have said I think the other two children were charged adult rate minus 10-20% - both are 3rd occupants (we're shipping one off to my parents cabin as couldn't afford
  2. They do this already, we went on Boxing Day (azura) and they did the colour coded wristbands for the muster stations but they don't hold any other info on them. I guess the children's club are the ones that hold most info on the children when they are registered
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