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  1. A good post Sundancer and one I fully agree with. My wife and I have always chosen P&O, basically because of our very 1st Cruise with them was a wonderful experience, with great service, food and entertainment. We were hooked and have traveled with P&O ever since. Whilst we still love cruising and generally feel that each of our cruises has been a good experience, I have to admit that there is a feeling that standards have dropped over the years in order to meet the demands of lower pricing strategies in order to fill the larger ships to capacity. I also get so annoyed when I hear thos
  2. I agree with you Oldworldtraveller, I print my own labels with the appropriate information and laminate. Never had one ripped off when either sailing from Southampton or on Fly Cruises.
  3. We are flying to the Caribbean in February and sailing on the Azura. Weight Limits are 23kgs for Hold baggage + 5kgs for Cabin. The 20Kg limit only applies to luggage on Southampton Sailings, however, you can take as many of these as you want as long as you are prepared to store the cases in your cabin and of course get them to the Cruise Terminal.
  4. Has anyone visited "Vigie Beach" on St Lucia? I know that it runs parallel with the airport and is only a couple of kilometers from the Cruise terminal. I fact when in port you can see aircraft landing when looking out towards the runway when on the top deck of your ship. If you have visited this beach before, is it one that you would recommend and is it a destination you would feel comfortable/safe walking to? Whilst we have visited St Lucia on 2 previous occasions we have always taken organised excursions. We are just looking for a do-it-yourself trip to the beach on our next visit and would
  5. On the 19th February 2015, we will be flying out to Barbados and joining P&O's Azura. From Barbados after a 1 day stop over we will be cruising to Aruba, Grand Cayman, Ocho Rios, Amber Cove,Tortola, St Maarten, St Lucia, Dominica, and then back to Barbados for our flight home. My wife and I are both looking very much forwards to this our 3rd cruise to the Caribbean. While we have enjoyed all of our other cruises in and around both the Western and Eastern Mediterranean, the Caribbean is always something very special. If you haven't tried it before, make sure you do before you get too old...
  6. If your cruise visits Genoa, I would not recommend a "do it yourself" excursion into the city. Why.... well the port is very large and an absolute warren of internal roads. Once you find your way out of the port you are faced with traffic like you have never seen before. As the city is so large and very built up, it's very difficult to get bearings and find your way around. Stick to an organised trip from the ship when here and let the coach driver do all of the work in getting around this city.
  7. Thank you Peter D and Solent Richard. On previous cruises we have always arrived on Sailing Days so have generally missed out on seeing much of Bridgetown. But on our next cruise we arrive on a Friday and do not sail until Saturday evening so looking forwards to a relaxing day after our flight to Barbados. Carlisle Bays sounds just the ticket.
  8. Can anyone confirm whether Brighton Beach, Brandons Beach or Brownes Beach are within easy walking distance from the Cruise Terminal in Barbados. If so, are these worth visiting or should we be looking at travelling by taxi or taking a beach excursion further afield? Our next cruise to the Caribbean gives us a full day in Barbados following our flight on the previous day.
  9. We did receive an upgrade on our very first cruise and it was very much appreciated. Since then, every cruise we have been on (with P&O) has been booked early and we have paid the premium price for our cabin. Then during the cruise so many stories of folks who have booked at the last minute and been housed in better cabins at ridiculously cheap prices. We want to return to the Caribbean during the 2016 season. Now that we are both retired from work, our travel dates are very flexible. Should I wait for the last minute offers or are we at risk of loosing our holiday altogether? What do
  10. Thanks everyone for your input. As indicated by you, the parking procedure at the Ocean Terminal was excellent and a complete hassle free experience. Best of all I qualified for free parking too.
  11. Our first cruise in the Caribbean was on the Oceana and we had a wonderful time. Although a smaller ship, the crew and entertainment staff were both first class and really friendly. As mentioned before, the ships Atrium is probably the prettiest in P&O's fleet. This ship is my wife's favourite ship and when you see Oceana from a hill top overlooking her mooring in any of the lovely islands you will visit, then she looks stunning. So don't forget that camera.
  12. We are doing the 2 week round trip from Venice in September. Your photo's look wonderful and make us look forwards to this cruise even more. We have sailed on Ventura in the Western Med and Caribbean in the past and it's one of our favourite P&O ships.
  13. Oh that's great news Gina1991. Just what we hoped for.
  14. Thanks to all who have posted with information and advice on Kotor. My wife and I are looking very much forwards to our stop over on the Ventura in September. Does anyone have any idea what the weather might be like in late September?
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