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  1. We found the Fred Olsen Balmoral Observatory lounge had a range of music from 60's to 00's and the dance floor was never empty on the nights we visited, whereas P&O Oceana the DJ in the starlights lounge seemed to enjoy emptying the floor rather than filling it!
  2. Hello dozybird, Verona & Veneizia - the main self-service buffet restaurants on Lido Deck on the Azura. They alternate each breakfast/lunch/afternoon/evening Verona in the evening - becomes a waiter-service Italian Restaurant featuring a variety of favourites including sizzle-plates, grills, pizza and pasta. There is a very small outdoor area on one side but i can't remember which! Hope this helps
  3. Most people tend to turn up when they want regardless of their check-in time anyway so what difference will it make?! Things happen and it might not be possible to stick to the original time chosen, what happens then?! I think it will be one more thing to complain about as most people will automatically go for the earlier checkin time and when those have gone they will only complain its not fair and turn up when they want anyway.
  4. I agree go green is great! No paperwork to lose and easily stored on email - I always ask for my invoice confirmation by email and know that if there were any problems in printing off my tickets then the agent I use would always print them off on my behalf. Even better they also send out their own luggage labels which are more substantial than the paper ones that the cruise companies use!!
  5. Thanks hturtle! I did email Cruise and Passenger customer services yesterday and its letting me view everything now without having to fo any update so think it or my computer is fixed!
  6. I have come to book my free parking with CandPS as I normally do only to discover that their website has changed!!! This is fine but their new format doesn't seem to work - Rather than being drop down boxes asking for Cruise Operator, Ship name, Sailing date and then asking for personal details including booking reference it now asks for your address, email and telephone number first then towards the right from what I can see it looks as though it asks about registration and operator reference for the parking to pull through free but this side of the screen is hidden behind the logo and in won
  7. RiverSong, on 27 Nov 2013 - 4:57 PM, said: I definitly need to remember this for next time. I come to get ready for dinner in the evening and at this point with straighteners/hair Dryer and Camera chargers on the go there just arent enough sockets! Thanks very much Riversong
  8. It happens once a year and its to benefit those less fortunate than me so i happily participate - non uniform at work today, cake sales & games - if you are going to give don't give begrudgingly or because others are, give because you want to otherwise it takes the joy out of it...
  9. I like to try new things and dont mind doing this onboard as I know if it turns out not quite how I like the waiters would switch it without question - although to date I've never had to do this! My favourite course would definitly be dessert!!
  10. Decided to watch homeland and catchup with downton! no spoiler pls!!
  11. Changed my mind, the best one won! the other two failed big time - Showstopper?! more like major flop in the looks department...oh well all over til next year
  12. Ruby to win!!!! Even though her shed was wonky!
  13. when was the first one on? what date and is it still channel 4?
  14. loved the idea of the Viennese tower shame it was too crumbly! Millionares traybake sounded lovely too yummy!
  15. when does homeland new series start?
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